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Naughty Bits and Bites Nights at the Hustler Hollywood Cafe
8920 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California

Hosted by Stan Kent with great support from Theresa Flynt-Gaerke and the entire Hustler Hollywood staff including General Manager Gary Sunshine.

Welcome to the 2001 Season - click on the poster or photo to take you to the rogue's gallery of images from the evening
  Wednesday, November 28 - PUCKER UP with sexpert TRISTAN TAORMINO for a hands-on guide to ecstatic sex, get Tristan's latest book - Pucker Up as the perfect stocking stuffer. We began the year with Tristan and it was great for her to be there at the end - fitting for the anal advisor - dressed all in latex with a boy scout assistant. ... more ...
    Wednesday September 25 - CANCELLED because of 9/11 with the following notice: The Carnal Carnival Invites You To Make Love Because There's Enough People Making War. Thanks to the September 11 violence and its aftermath there won't be a Hustler Hollywood Carnal Carnival, co-sponsored by LA Weekly's, and thanks to Halloween, there won't be an event on October 31, but you're not getting off that easily. Or maybe you will. Since you won't be coming to the Carnal Carnival on the last Wednesday of the next two months there's a homework assignment. Think of it as an exercise for the student throughout September and October. The Carnal Carnival wants you to keep on practicing pleasure, especially since the likes of Jerry Falwell would blame all this horror on a jealous god being mad at us perverts and our liberal ways. So, while much of the world is consumed with talk of wars, holy and unholy, religious differences, grief, revenge, hatred, justice, fighting and death, the Carnal Carnival says celebrate life, lust and living while we still can Come a lot. Come often. Come one. Come all. Take a break from horror and get horny - have mad, passionate sex with someone you love, and if you don't love anyone then do it with someone you like, and if you don't have someone special then use your hand or favorite sex toy and orgasm your way to bliss and make this world a better place where repression and revenge are only role-playing games and there's always a safe word.
  Wednesday August 29 - VIOLETTA - STAN KENT performed excerpts from the third book in the Shoe Leather series where Violetta discovered the source of her power and the reasons for her curse. ... more ...
  Wednesday July 25 - THE FOODSIES with MONA and LISA LONDON - a delicious evening of learning how to cook sexy dishes from sexy dishes. Recipe tasting from "live plates" followed the taping of the show. ... more ...
  Wednesday June 27 - SEX, DRUGS AND NO CENSORSHIP - To celebrate LA Weekly's very cool music week and Music Awards, we assembled a bunch of perverted punks to rant about their favorite perversions from ETIQUETTE FOR OUTLAWS authors ROB COHEN and DAVID WOLLOCK, COTTONMOUTH KISSES author CLINT CATALYST, A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS author DITO MONTIEL, I WAS A TEENAGE DOMINATRIX author SHAWNA KENNEY, ESCAPE FROM HOUDINI MOUNTAIN author PLEASANT GEHMAN and MOTOCHRIST guitarist, MARC DIAMOND. In addition to the rants there was a sing-along punk version of the Kinks' Lola. Much mouthing off. ... more ...
  Wednesday May 30 - THE CITY OF ONE NIGHT STANDS - STAN KENT reads tales of sex in LA from his latest novel with local author KATE DOMINIC reading her tales of Sex In This City. ... more ...
  Wednesday, April 25 - DIRTY WORDS - M. CHRISTIAN and special guest co-host TRISTAN TAORMINO on reading, discussing and teaching how to write "dirty words" using M. Christian's new collection of provocative erotica - Dirty Words as examples. ... more ...
  Wednesday March 28 - VOLUPTUOUS PANIC - THE EROTIC WORLD OF WEIMAR BERLIN with author MEL GORDON and a host of sexy, appropriately attired celebrities including DR. SUSAN BLOCK demonstrating the masturbating machine. ... more ...
  Wednesday February 28 - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ANAL SEX with anal advisor TRISTAN TAORMINO - the book - the video - the buttplug - one of our greatest nights. ... more ...
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"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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