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Naughty Bits and Bites Nights
at the

Hustler Hollywood
8920 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California

Hosted by Stan Kent with great support from Theresa Flynt-Gaerke and the entire Hustler Hollywood staff including General Manager Gary Sunshine.

HIGHLIGHTS: Naughty Bits and Bites Nights profiled in the
LA Alternative Press by the supercool Kastle.

EVEN MORE HIGHLIGHTS: Stan and Christy Canyon appeared at Hustler San Diego

Welcome to the 2003 Season - click on the poster or photo to take you to the rogue's gallery of images from the evening
    December - Have a Horny Holidays - we'll be back on January 21, 2004, with Mitzi Szereto and her Erotic Fairytales and Erotic Traveltales...
    November - Have a Happy Wanksgiving - we're off for the holidays
Cyn does the pelvic thrust and drives everyone in-saaaaa-aaaa-ne

October 22 - 8pm - Tantric Sex with Shama and John Tierney ... In this empowering evening playshop, you'll learn and practice skills for maximizing your sexual pleasure and bonding with your lover in deeper, more intimate ways. You'll discover how to do the pelvic thrust - it'll drive you insaaaaaa-aaaaaa-ne ... and ... The Lovers Toolkit to enhance every experience with scientific predictability ... The 3 keys to Tantric love and how to flex your sex muscles and special ways to breathe ... Sexual energy meditation and healing ... How to arouse your sexual fire and fine-tune your senses ... Tantric healing techniques ... Ways to support greater alignment in the communion of the sexes ... Ways to resurrect your innate vitality and exercises to connect in the sacred heart space for greater intimacy and love than you ever dreamed possible. Check out to learn more about Shama and John Tierney and Tantric Sex ..and if you wanna see the pix from the night ... click here for more ...

Wednesday September 24 - 8pm - Lucretia: Baddy Two Shoes release party with Stan Kent reading and signing his latest Blue Moon release and the world's most sought after dominatrix, Mistress Isabella Sinclaire directing her footslaves to worship the cool and sexy shoes in attendance while Hustler girls hand out footsucker candy. Sexy Hustler merchandise to those daring soles wearing the sexiest of shoes to celebrate the launch of and the release of Lucretia - book reading, signing and a foot fetish evening - party to follow. If you're into feet, shoes, boots, and sex-filled books - then this is the night for you, and what a night it was with a parade of sexy feet and heels and much worshipping of those gorgeous pairings including sexy Hustler girl Melody having both feet kissed by two guys who just happened to stroll in and receive instruction from Mistress Isabella and Hustler centerfold girl Alyssa having her sexy boots massaged ... wanna see the pictures ... click here for more ...
  Wednesday September 10 - 8pm - Sex and the Sixties with Hal Lifson and sixties sex kittens Julie Newmar, Mamie Van Doren, Barbara Parkins, Stella Stevens, Lynn Carey and Kitten Natividad. There'll be live music from members of Casino Royale and the California Kid DJ. Sexy Hustler merchandise will be awarded to the winners of a Go-Go dance and Kinky Twister contest. ... more ...
  Wednesday August 13, 8pm - Any 2 People, Kissing with Kate Dominic - new erotic fiction that crosses all gender boundaries, twisting and turning, tickling and pleasing the queer, in-between, and straight libido with passion and alluring humor. Plus - sexy Hustler Hollywood merchandise prizes for sharing your kissing secrets. ... more ...
  Wednesday July 30 - Christy Canyon - Lights, Camera, Sex! with Christy Canyon - Wednesday July 30 at 8pm - a special Hustler Hollywood Naughty Bits and Bites night chance to meet a porn star legend and have her sign your copy of her just released autobiography - Lights, Camera,
- the juicy behind-the-scenes story of Christy's journey from teenage runaway to a world famous porn star and all the encounters she enjoyed with Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Peter North and Ron Jeremy - not to mention a certain Beverly Hillbilly. ... more ...
  Wednesday July 16 - Getting Naked - Writing the emotional truth of erotic scenes with Lisa Palac. Maybe you want to write a great erotic novel?
Maybe you want to write a sexy, irresistible invitation to your lover?
Maybe you want to write down your desires in your private diary?
Maybe you want to write a truly sexy scene into your script?
Maybe you want to write erotic poetry?
Maybe you want to write a sexy song?
Maybe you just want to appreciate good erotic writing?

Then maybe you should have joined me and Lisa Palac for a hands on, how to Naughty Bits and Bites night on "Getting Naked: Writing the Emotional Truth of Erotic Scenes."... more ...

  Wednesday June 18 - THE G SPOT AND FEMALE EJACULATION with DEBORAH SUNDAHL in a show and tell evening designed to illuminate the dark places between women's legs. Deborah talked about why some women ejaculate and others don't, why ejaculation is important, exercises for strengthening and relaxing those all important muscles, techniques, positions and aids to help a woman ejaculate and a man/partner's role in helping a woman to ejaculate. This was a must attend evening for couples and singles of all sexual persuasions interested in taking their sex life to another level of enjoyment and understanding, learning how to touch, when to touch, where to touch and how to ask to be touched, regardless of whether ejaculation is a goal or not... more ...
  Wednesday May 28 - TRUE LUST: ADVENTURES IN SEX, PORN AND PERVERSION with TRISTAN TAORMINO - May's Naughty Bits and Bites Night was very memorable - not just because it was two days after Memorial Day - but because it was the return of Tristan Taormino - and she came on a quest which needed the audience's sexpert help. Tristan talked about her new book -True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion - a collection of her Village Voice columns and other first-person, adventure-style essays. She read some of them, answered questions, but then Tristan asked the audience to suggest her next true lust adventure. The only rules were it should be creative, sex-oriented, and wild; it couldn't be something she had already done and it couldn't be illegal! Audience members pitched ideas to Tristan, and the audience collectively selected the best one. Tom Wunderlich, the winner of the contest received an autographed copy of True Lust, Tristan's two videos, and some surprise sextoy gifts plus Tristan will dedicate the story to Tom and email him the sexy adventure to read before anyone else sees it! ... more ...
  Wednesday April 16 - SEX HEALS with LAURA MOORE - an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away ... that's the mantra of Laura Moore - the Sex Diva - author of Sex Heals - an awesome book that'll show you how frequent, hot, romantic sex is a great work out and boost to all those chemicals so vital to being healthy and horny. It doesn't get any better than this - you can fuck your way to fitness and Laura showed us how! Check her out at - she certainly is living proof that her regimen works. Laura did some daring demos of sexercise positions in a titillating show and tell about how to increase the romance factor through everyday objects... more ...
  Wednesday March 19 - CRAZY WOMEN - CRAZY MEN - with director CLAY EPSTEIN. In keeping with March being Oscar month - we showed a movie - Crazy Women - it's a cool indie film that garnered great reviews at the Silverlake Film Festival - and the director - Clay Epstein - was there to chat about how the film evolved. It's the story of a guy's search to find a 'normal' date in LA. Check it out at After the movie some of our regular audience stars came up and had an uncensored gabfest about sex and dating in LA... more ...
  Thursday February 20 - POOLHALL JUNKIES Movie Promo Night - Mistress Isabella returned from her triumphant class in the Hustler Hollywood bedroom café to hold court in the poolhall, with cues and eight balls in the corner pocket by way of a Hustler Girl's widespread thigh when we celebrated the release of Poolhall Junkies - starring Chazz Palminteri, Rod Steiger and Christopher Walken. Mike Massy, the seven time world trick shot pool champion gave demos and lessons in how to win those poolhall bets. The Hustler Girls were spread-eagled on pool tables, bent over practicing their very special brand of trick shots making all the balls end up in the right pocket... more ...
  Wednesday February 19 - MISTRESS ISABELLA SINCLAIRE- the world's most sought after domina - dispensed sexy advice, titillating instruction and intense demonstrations on how to introduce bondage, dominance, submission, sex toys and role-playing into the bedroom. We even set up the Hustler Cafe as a bedroom with a twin bed (thanks Ginni and Blake) so Mistress Isabella could demonstrate how to tie each other up with the assistance of her sexy assistants and how to drip candle wax in all the right places. Audience participation - as with all of our events - was richly rewarded. If you'd like to visit the Mistress you can do so at ... more ...
  Wednesday January 15 - EROS DAY with DR. SUSAN BLOCK - The 2003 Naughty Bits and Bites Nights kicked off with the true divine goddess of all matters sexual leading a rollicking discussion on her book, The Ten Commandments of Pleasure, and her upcoming celebrations of Eros Day - Dr. Susan Block's suggested holiday for all the dedicated lovers of sex, love and life - it's when the asteroid Eros comes closest to Earth and erotic energy zooms. Dr. Suzy has pioneered the Eros Day movement with some very exciting celebrations which have been made into hot, hot, hot movies.
Dr. Suzy will tell you all about Eros Day, how to plan your own celebration and a lucky person received an invite to Dr. Suzy's wild celebration of Eros. If you want to check out all Dr. Suzy has to offer visit her at ... more ...
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