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Long before the Naughty Bits and Bites Nights held sway at Hustler Hollywood, Stan was reading dirty words aloud, and encouraging others to do the same, at bookstores around town. It began at Borders in Santa Monica on the Third Street Promenade and had a brief sojourn under the lights of Sunset Strip at Book Soup before moving to our present home at the Hustler Hollywood Cafe a few blocks west.

In 1997, Tre Giles, the SM Borders community relations dude in charge of setting up readings wanted to add erotic fiction to the groups already discussing mystery, romance and science fiction. So he ran an ad in the LA Weekly announcing the reading of an author with a vaguely erotic theme and I showed up, figuring, hey, I write erotica - what better place to test it out and meet other authors/wannabes. Tre recognized that I knew my way around stroke books and we quickly joined forces with me using my contacts to bring in authors and discussion topics. We enjoyed a great two years of watching some people scurry from the literary alcove as words of smut flowed freely - others got interested and sat down. Tre moved to Book Soup and we enjoyed a few glorious nights there with my name up in the lights of Sunset Boulevard until it became obvious that our new neighbor down the street was an ideal home. We met with Theresa Flynt-Gaerke, and I held the release reading and party for Shoes Your Weapon at Hustler Hollywood. It was such a success we made the idea a permanent thing with me as the host. Tre eventually disappeared into the Hollywood nights and I carried the nights on going through several co-hosts before realizing I could do it all on my own. Here's a selection of images and announcements from those early nights at Borders and Book Soup, plus a few tips for those of you interested in starting an erotic fiction discussion group of your own.

Welcome to the The Early Nights
The Shoe Leather release party and signing was held at Book Soup. It was very cool to see a window full of my books and my name all lit up on the famed Sunset Strip and people crowding around to get the book signed. Wanna see photos of some of the shoes at the event?
Even though the Sun was setting on Sunset, I couldn't resist a moment underneath my name in lights - hey - everyone deserves to be a star and thanks to Photoshop mine can be seen. The signing was a great success following a reading of some of the good bits.
For two years we called the Santa Monica Borders home. We covered a wide range of erotica subjects in the literary alcove before moving on to Book Soup and eventually the Hustler Hollywood Cafe. Want to start a smut discussion group of your own? Click here ...
We shared the Borders space with other discussion groups like Mystery, Science Fiction and Romance.
When Borders sent out the monthly what's happening News and Events newsletter there were often some amusing placements - like the latest smut discussion next to the Kids events. Borders were very supportive of the group, and even though we've moved on, the chain is still one of the few mainstream outlets that carries erotica on their shelves. Start an Erotic Fiction Discussion Group at a bookstore near you.
2004 Season Mitzi Szereto: Erotic Fairytales/Erotic Traveltales - Dr. Ava Cadell: The Trigasm - Dottie Brewer:This Week I Married John Wayne Bobbitt
Cook Your Way Into Her Pants with Chef Ted - Porn Screenwriting 101 with Darklady - Naughty Message: A Night of Phone Sex - The Art of Exotic Dancing with Kylie
2003 Season Eros Day with Dr. Susan Block - Mistress Isabella Sinclaire - Poolhall Junkies promo - Crazy Women Crazy Men - Sex Heals with Laura Moore
Tristan Taormino's True Lust - The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation with Deborah Sundahl, Getting Naked with Lisa Palac - Christy Canyon
Any 2 People, Kissing - Sex and the Sixties - Lucretia: Baddy Two Shoes - Tantric Sex
Christy Canyon and Stan in San Diego: Lights, Camera, Sex and Shoes...
2002 Season Going Down - Sex Worker Literati - Four Authors Foreplay - Secretary promo with Dita von Teese - Why We Rule - Caning Able -
e-Glass sex toys with Teri Weigel and Mistress Isabella - Underground Guide to LA
2001 Season The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex with Tristan Taormino - Voluptuous Panic - Dirty Words - The City of One Night Stands -
Sex, Drugs and No Censorship - The Foodsies - Violetta - Pucker Up with Tristan Taormino
2000 Season Shoes Your Weapon - Perv with Jerry Stahl - Taylor Marsh: "What Do You Want" - Viscera - I Was A Teenage Dominatrix -
Ten Commandments of Pleasure with Dr. Susan Block - The Politics of Sex
"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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