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So you have a favorite local bookstore that you like to support - that's awesome. It's good to keep the independents alive.

You can buy RememberThe Future from them but chances are you'll have to order it, so either let your fingers do the walking and call them, telling that cute clerk who've you've got a big crush on that you'd like to order Remember The Future, edited by Stan Kent on American Astronautical Press and you even know the ISBN number - it's 0877031266. They'll have it for you within a month if they can find it somewhere gathering dust. Or you can walk, drive, bike, take the bus, train or taxi down to your local purveyor of books and order it in person, and perhaps invite that cute clerk to your personal Remember The Future reading.

Good luck trying to find it - Remember The Future was published in 1980 - back when Stan had space cadet stars in his eyes, was testifying before Congress on the depth of public support for space exploration and personally lamenting the loss of the Sex Pistols, pogoing to the Ramones and One Step Beyond was a distant wish soon to be a reality and New Wave was crashing over America - Remember The Future indeed!

"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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