What Stan says about the Blue Moon Reader Good Bits Wall
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What can I say about Blue Moon's erotic readers? Well, I'm always thrilled when selections from my books are included in best of volumes. I don't have any input into the selections chosen for the Blue Moon erotic readers but in my opinion the editors have done a great job - chosing selections I would have nominated as good bits. The erotic readers also give me a quick read chance to peruse other writer's works, and decide which ones I'd like to read in full. It's kinda neat to see which writer gets me off or gives me ideas - sexually and also from a writing perspective. Maybe these erotic readers will have the same effect on you. They're kinda neat to read with someone special as bedtime stories. It helps reveal what turns your partner on, for not everyone vocalizes their sexual desires. Reading erotica is a great way to bring up all those "do you like this or that" or "would you do this or that" questions that many times go unasked and as a result people go unfulfilled.

"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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