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The title "Shoes Your Weapon" came from the awesome fetish magazine Skin Two. They did a lovely story on shoes as fetish objects called Shoes Your Weapons - an obvious play on the old dueling challenge "Choose Your Weapons" - and it fit perfectly with the Shoe Leather concept where shoes were weapons in a fated fight between good and evil.

At the end of Shoe Leather (don't read this if you haven't read the first book - Shoe Leather) I left Violetta realizing her power didn't disappear with the slaying of the Dildo Killer - that she was destined to be the serial killer of serial killers - an Avenging Angel Sex Goddess. Violetta and Detective Ellen Stewart had fallen in love. In not killing Violetta off, I had to have her get away with the execution of the Dildo Killer - and the burgeoning love affair between Cop and Killer provided the perfect vehicle and foundation for the second novel. I had Ellen sacrifice her career by taking the rap for killing the DK in the process of defending herself against him. I also decided to add an additional layer to the series by telling the story in alternating Ellen/Violetta perspectives. I chose this style because I was fascinated by the interaction between a normal person falling in love with someone burdened with a super-human power - with a female cop who'd sacrificed everything to be in love with and to protect a young woman who was going to kill again.

As the story progressed the tensions between Ellen and Violetta unfold on many fronts, including the celebrity masquerade Ellen must maintain as The Cop That Killed The Dildo Killer. Ellen's desire to keep Violetta from further harm serves to illustrate a facet of Violetta's shoesex power that emerged in book one - Shoe Leather - when Violetta ignores her power - bad things happen. This particular bad thing had much to do with Violetta learning that in the shoesex world she is not alone - their are other practitioners - but that because of her power - the Cutrero Curse - she may very well be destined to be alone.

Shoes Your Weapon is a softer book than Shoe Leather - and the cover was much better - I thought it was a great transition novel between the shocks of the first book and the angst in the third - Violetta - that comes when Violetta tries to discover the source of her power.

"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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