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Lucretia: Baddy Two Shoes finds Violetta dealing with having a supernatural Guardian Angel grand aunt reincarnated through her shoesex power. This makes for a few complications in Violetta's existing, regular relationship with Ellen Stewart - who has no idea that her lover is really two people in one body. Violetta tries to placate Ellen's concerns with some well-aimed foot worship...

Ellen looks to the ceiling.

"V, I don't need this. I don't need comforting. I need answers."

"Shush, we'll do this my way. As I rub your feet, as I worship those divine digits and soothe your sole, I'll tell you everything."

"Be careful," says Lucretia.

"Shut the fuck up. Give me an ounce of credit. Of course I'm not going to tell her everything. Just enough so we can get through this. Okay?"

"You're wise beyond your years, my daughter."

"Well, I'm waiting," says Ellen.

"Let me get some lotion," I say, my head spinning from keeping straight this bizarre three-way-two-way conversation. I trot off to the bathroom and return with a tube of massage oil that heats with rubbing. It's cinnamon flavored. I lay a towel on the floor and take off my old Fuck Me And Marry Me Young tee shirt, kneeling naked at Ellen's feet. I place her soles on my thighs, pressing her feet into my skin with my cupped hands.

"While you've known me a long time, Ellen, through much shit, you still don't know me that well. Don't feel bad. No one does, even me."
I pour oil onto my palms and massage it into my hands, after which I clasp my hands on Ellen's ankles, sliding my slippery fingers down, across the ridges of her feet. I trace the outlines of the bones, working outwards, circling back around the sides to insert my fingers between her toes, fucking those spaces, in and out, feeling the warmth of the oil soak into Ellen's feet. The cinnamon smell wafts upwards, intoxicating us like we're baking something sticky, sweet and oh so decadently good.

"Feels good," Ellen says. She closes her eyes. Her head lolls back. Her body arches and in doing so, her tee shirt rides up and I see the swell of her pussy lips rise invitingly.

This is excellent progress. She's not yelling at me. I'm horny, and I harbor a sneaky suspicion that Ellen is on the slow boat to horniness too. Feet are wonderful. I'm firmly convinced that there would be no more wars if opposing world leaders were made to give each other foot rubs and then enjoy the subsequent pleasure of a divine pair of feet massaging them or a divine pair of hands on their feet, depending upon their personal peccadilloes.

"I've told you that a lot happened to me in Rome. I've told you about how I discovered the secret to my power. In those caliges I was Lucretia. I endured all she did, and yes, part of me liked all the things done to her and that she then did to others."

I pour oil directly on to the top of Ellen's foot, letting it spill down and onto my thighs. I rub my fingers in the mess, scooping it onto Ellen's foot flesh. I arch her feet upwards and press my thumbs into her soles, following the outlines, curves and ridges, pressing hard into the depressions. I work my fingers along the bones, back up to the toes, each one of which I masturbate like tiny cocks, pulling them upwards, lifting Ellen's foot from my thigh until its weight drops it back down with a rude slap. I repeat this over and over. Ellen moans. Her head tips to the side. She's a ragdoll. I'm not sure if she's hearing me.

"By now you should know that life with me is never going to be normal. I know you think you can keep the wolves at bay, but you can't. And bad things happen when you try. Remember Tony?"

Ellen lifts her head and nods, but she keeps her eyes shut, her head falling back against the couch. I slide all my fingers between her toes, squeezing and pulling. The cinnamon smell is too inviting. I bend down, breathing in the delightful aroma that bears a slight tinge of Ellen's feet to it. I extend my tongue, running it up the bottom of Ellen's big toe until I reach the top, then I purse my lips and suck down like it's a dick, and I'm giving it a blow job. Up and down I suck, pumping the rich cinnamon vapors into my nostrils. Ellen squirms softly, slowly, undulating like she's fucking an unseen lover. I pause at the top, talking more to her big toe than her.

"In Rome I had things done to me just like what I did to you, and I liked it. I'm learning about me, about my power all the time. There's always something new. Like those boots you gave me. They're a new threat, and I have to rise to it."

I suck down again on Ellen's big toe, and I'm not sure whether it's my hand or Ellen's leg that's the instigator but her other foot slides from my thigh to between my legs, working its way to nestle between my pussy lips. As I suck down on one big toe the other big toe slides up and down my labia, flicking across my clit. This footsie play makes it harder for me to talk. Little shivers of delight punctuate my words.

"You know the feet cannot be denied. That's much more than a saying. Thanks to my connection with Lucretia I can summon all of her knowledge. I can fill myself with her supernatural power. She's my Guardian Angel. It sounds fantastic, but fuck, so is shoesex. To do it I need powerful, intense emotions of the kind that come when we're having sex, so don't feel bad about what happened. Feel good. You allowed me to discover the means to solve the Jack the Ripper crimes and prevent the latest incarnations of his evil that lives on in those boots."

I'm dripping pussy juice down Ellen's massage oil covered foot and her toe is spreading the heated mixture over and inside my cunt. I feel tingly and electrified from the cinnamon, almost burning, smoldering. I gnaw on Ellen's toe, opening my mouth wide to stuff all of her toes inside. I run my tongue around and inside her toes. She arches the other big toe and it slides inside my pussy while the others dance across my clit. I snake my arm up her leg, smearing massage oil streaks along her pale, soft skin. My cinnamon-lubed fingers slide effortlessly inside her sopping cunt. I arch my fingers to rub her G spot and we rock backwards and forwards. My lube-coated fingers slide in and out of her pussy as her lubed big toe does likewise to my cunt. If she's feeling half the tingle from the cinnamon that I am then the smolder is gonna ignite into a raging fire. It's almost too much, too sensitive, but we can't quit. We mirror each other's clit attentions, flicking our hardened nubs with fingers and toes. We come together, linked by Ellen's feet and my hands and mouth. I feel her shudder and release on my fingers as I do likewise on her foot. Locked in this climactic embrace for what seems like ages, I continue to massage and lick Ellen's toes as waves of coming wash over us, cresting, falling, but never quite dying down as I demonstrate the simple truth behind "the feet cannot be denied."


Violetta needs some powerful sex to resurrect Lucretia from a limbo-cell that some scheming members of the Catholic Church have cast her. Ellen is reluctant to help, fearful of Lucretia's influence over Violetta, so she must seek mindblowing, footsmoking sex with a couple she meets through a sexpaper ad...

Incense burns. Monks chant. Not that there's a bunch of monks in the pillow covered room. It's a CD of Tibetan chants, but it seems like we're surrounded by a monkhouse full of horny monk voyeurs cause we're all naked smoking joints. It's good stuff and we're high as kites.
I learned Saffron and Kahn's story. She was a hooker by night called Liz Stora from some small town called Torslanda near Gothenburg and a student by day at the university. Kahn came through as a guest lecturer in Eastern Philosophy and converted her from selling her body to slobs to giving it to him in the name of reaching Nirvana. He christened her Saffron and they've been Kama Sutra-ing ever since around the world. And they've gotten damn good at it.

Saffron's stroking my body, running her fingers over my hips, parting my ass cheeks to toy with my rosebud butthole. My hand slides between Saffron's legs. Her pubic hair is as golden as her long flowing headhair. Her pussy lips are plump and wrap around my finger, coating me with her musky juices. Her clit is hard, and each time I flick the sensitized nub Saffron makes this little ahhhh sound and arches her back. Kahn watches us with his deep, dark eyes, alternating between stroking his cock and making some pungent potion over a small candle.

Saffron kisses me, her smothering tits rubbing across mine. Our nipples brush, hard bullets against the softness of our silky breast flesh. My finger slides in her pussy. Her finger slides in my ass. Now it's my turn to ahhhhh, my moan reverberating around our locked mouths. We roll around the cushions, our naked bodies enfolding and merging. Saffron was right. We do fit together perfectly, and it feels like we're floating around the room. I know it's a byproduct of the weed but it's fucking good.

"The tea is ready," Kahn says.
Saffron and I brake from our liplock, but our hands continue exploring our bodies, our tits caressing. Kahn walks towards us, carrying three small ornate cups cradled in the triangle of his large hands. His cock bobs from side to side. He's lithe, his dark brown body glistening with a sheen of fine lotion that Saffron applied as I undressed. His shoulder length black hair makes him seem primal.

"It's made with the finest psychedelic mushrooms from deep in the forests of Sumatra. They are our passport to Nirvana."

I reach up to run my finger along the underside of Kahn's cock, running my fingers along that ridge of skin, the raphe, that separates his balls. His cock twitches, and a thin sliver of precome tears at the tip. I wipe it off with my finger and put it to my mouth tasting his saltiness. I can't resist adding my two cents worth of naughty narration.

"And this is our fuel, and this - "

I wrap my hand around his cock, stroking it.

"And this is our rocket."

"Drink," says Kahn, offering us the cups. Saffron takes one and I do likewise. We clink china and Kahn says a few works in Hindu, Urdhu or Katmandu - I don't know what the fuck du it is. My head swims. I just want to fuck.

We sip the tea in unison, our feet touching, our bodies nestled close in a triangle of anticipatory lust. The tea is sharp with fine bits of shroom pulp in it. It's hot, and each time I chew on a shroom bit it gets even hotter, releasing a flood of taste and temperature through my body. I feel the tea's glow radiate through my skin, and I feel it's heat through Kahn and Saffron's. I'm sweating and so are they, but it's not gross, it's like we're all coming through our skin. I zone fast feeling like my body is three or four sizes than it is. Everything seems small and distant and my body feels like it's closeted in cotton wool. I'm all sex.

"I want to fuck," I say, hearing the words echo in my head, thinking they're coming from somewhere else as Kahn takes the empty cup from my hands. To fill the heated void I slide my fingers around his warm cock. Saffron does likewise with her hands, and together we stroke his hefty erection, playing with each other's fingers as much as we're playing with Kahn's cock. He alternates kissing us, and we caress our breasts, marveling in their different sizes and shapes. I've never really dug large breasts but Saffron's are perfectly formed - firm, not fake. They're enlarged versions of mine, and in my high shroom state Saffron's tits seem larger and softer than they really are, almost floating into my hands. Her ample breasts remind me of Lucretia's bosom, and I think of bringing my Guardian Angel back through this sex-magick ritual so I can feel those lovely titties swamping mine again, and so I can feel Luc's mouth on my titties again.

Thinking of Luc and Lucretia makes me happy as well as high. It's easy for me to imagine they're with me, and we're all enjoying this dreamy fuck. I am so in to this scene, I'm not thinking of - well, you know who, at all. Luc and Lucretia - Saffron and Kahn - me - that's all there is, and I don't ever want to come down from this soft, sexy cloud I'm floating upon.

Kahn's hands slide from our necks, down our backs, around our waists and nestles under our sexes. He cups our pussies as he continues kissing us, alternating his lips from our mouths as his fingers undulate into our cunts, molding his hand to our labia. We match his motions, rocking on our haunches, working our clits into his palms like we're putting pearls back into their oysters.

"It is time for the posture of the gobbling fishes," Kahn whispers into our ears. Saffron smiles at me as she lounges backwards, pulling me with her, on top of her. She wraps her arms around me, pressing her breasts into me. I love the way her hard nipples burrow into my boobs and mine do likewise to her. It's such a turn on. We're kissing and grinding our cunts and tits together. Her golden blonde pubic hair brushes against my browny snatch and the two mesh as our clits dance a tango together. I feel Kahn's hands on my ass, positioning me above Saffron, working my body deeper into hers. She arches her back, thrusting with her pelvis and legs lifting me up, and even though I'm higher than the stars from the dope and the sex, I remind myself that Gina's death shoes are sitting in arms' reach next to my crumpled clothes, and that's how Lucretia and Luc will join me for real. Those shoes are why I'm here and not with Ellen, and once I put them on there will be no turning back.

Salvatore emphasized the need for intense sex while trying to resurrect Lucretia. What Kahn and Saffron are doing to me certainly qualifies and then some. I'm on top of Saffron, kissing her so deep we could be munching each other's twats through our bodies, our titties mashed together, our nipples diamonding hard, our pussies rubbing clit to clit, our legs spread wide, with Kahn kneeling between our legs, adding his purposeful manipulations to our natural feminine grindings. I feel his breath on my thighs and the brush of his long hair as his head nears our cunts. It must be an awesome sight to be so close to two dripping, sexing pussies.

Saffron shudders, and it takes me only a second to realize why as Kahn's tongue slides from between her labia, over her clit to my clit, massaging the two together, on up to my lips, spreading them, pressing them flat like he's licking an ice-cream cone, and after he's burrowed deep in there he slides out, tonguing my asshole, his fingers replacing his tongue inside our cunts. He rims me into a moaning fit, aided by the plundering finger fucking he gives us, the force of his thrusting hands pressing our bellies together, coaxing our clits to rub against each other. It's the most fucking amazing feeling I've ever had during sex. I wish I had shoes on to record this. It's so intense.

But not intense enough, I tell myself. Not yet.

Maybe it's the weed and the shrooms but I'm so high that my body can take more pleasure. I'm building a come so mega that the news tonight will report that the Big One finally hit San Francisco.

Saffron and I work together as if we'd been fuckers for life, Siamese twins joined at the cunts, our bodies rippling along each other like sea creatures. Kahn is a master, his tongue moving from my ass to Saffron's, to our cunts, always inserting a finger so we're never unoccupied. It's a sexy, wet mess down in the delta of our cunts but Saffron and I really gush when Kahn massages our G spots together through the thin walls of our tight pressed pussies, our clits licked together by his tongue. Doing something like that stunt that teenage girls practice where they tie a cherry stem together, Kahn entwines our hard clits. It feels like they're knotted tight, threatening to explode. I really come to appreciate the size of his hands as one of his fingers snakes up my ass. From the way Saffron jolts I guess he's doing the same to her, and it's simply the best fucking sex I've ever had. I've got to teach Johnny this trick. He can practice on Ellen and me when all this is over. Ellen will go for it. No way can anyone, no matter how tight-assed, not respond to this ultimate sex. A little weed, some shroom tea and three willing and able bodies and we can call Nirvana our home forever and ever, amen.

Johnny. Ellen. Gina. The shoes.

Not yet. Not yet, pretty please. I want to enjoy myself some before I rip this party apart.

Saffron starts to come. I feel it first in her mouth as we kiss, have been kissing through all Kahn's pussy tonguing and finger fucking. Saffron's mouth shakes and I feel her lips quiver. It's like she's nibbling on my lips, and I can't help giggling from the tickling feeling. It's that little laugh that seems to start it all because she clamps down on my mouth with hers and sticks her tongue in my mouth like it's my cunt and she's fucking me with her dick.
Kahn knows his girlfriend's body because as she does this he rams his fingers into our cunts deep, his tongue battering our clits, his fingers doing the same to our asses, it all merging together through the thin walls separating our asses from our cunts and our cunts from our cunts.
Saffron comes, lifting her body upwards and me with it. She collapses and I come down hard, and the blow sends me into comeland, and we're exploding and rolling together and it's like we're melting into each other. Two people one body in an altogether different fashion than I'm used to. Kahn pulls away for a moment, and as Saffron and I remain locked in climax he fucks us with that huge dick, plunging first into her spasming cunt and then into mine, alternating pussies, one after another, and it's then that I understand where the position got its name - the gobbling fishes. Our pussies are down there, gaping wide wanting that dick, wanting to be fed, ready to gobble it down as soon as it has finished its stroke into the fishy cunt next to it.
If I thought the foreplay of Kahn's licking and finger fucking was hot, man, when he plunges his cock in deep, his hands on our hips, pulling us into him, it's fucking China Syndrome radioactive, melting down through the Earth's core, turning the entire fucking planet into come mush.
This is it. This is where I belong. This is the Universe of Fuck, and it's all I want and live for. It's like dying and being reborn with every fucking touch of skin on skin, cunt to cunt, cock inside fucking us both at the same time. Even when he's in Saffron I can feel his dick in me, my hole still ripe from the last plundering, sensing his mammoth cock through her skin and mine. It's like we're being fucked by two guys, only this is better, because it's like we're being fucked by every guy on the planet, by every guy that's ever lived, by one guy who really knows how to fuck a woman, two women, all women.
Man, I feel one with this fucking Universe of Fuck. It can't get any better. I'm coming and going and living and dying. My orgasm explodes from my brain, down my body, my nipples becoming so hot Saffron jumps as if she's been electrocuted by them. My orgasm rushes through my pussy, squeezing Kahn's cock so that the normally tantric man can't help himself, and Shiva knows how many restrained climaxes explode from him into my spasming cunt, and it doesn't stop there, his jism and my climax running down my thighs, the intense feelings melting into my feet, where I really enjoy its magic.

This cannot get any better.

Too bad it has to end.

Kahn's collapsed forward on top of Saffron and me, still thrusting into our cunts as his orgasm rubberizes his legs. Saffron's in some kind of come-drug-induced trance moaning a constant ohhmmmmmmm into my kissing mouth. I bend my legs at the knees and reach for Gina's shoes. I fumble a little as I have very little room for maneuvering, but after a few panicked pattings I find them and thankfully they're slip-ons so it is easy for my fingers to snag them under the bridge.

I swing on up and anchor it on my furthest foot and then do the same to the other.

How I managed all this in the midst of three orgasming locked bodies I'll never know, other than it is really true: the feet cannot be denied.

Two people one body, that very familiar feeling.


Violetta and Lucretia journey to Mexico in search of answers to the disappearance of Violetta's baby, Luc. They recruit a young hoodlum to be their guide and sextoy, using the copious fucking to fuel Lucretia's growing powers.

It's mega sexy to watch them and feel all that Lucretia experiences without having to worry about a murderer jumping out of the footy shadows. It's cool. It's relaxing. It gives me time to think while having sex without having to work at it. It's the best of all worlds.

Miguel's into Lucretia's pussy like she's a big old python swallowing her prey and he's it, and she's that really rare, exotic breed of python that feeds through her cunt. He holds his arms behind his back, fingering his asshole per Lucretia's demands. His mouth, courtesy of his weight and that he has no support for his body other than Lucretia, is full-on gnawing on her cunt. Her legs are spread wide, her toes carving into the bedsheets like they're digging furrows in wet sand for her ocean of come to drain away. Her hands grip Miguel's head by his long black hair as she works his face into her pussy, commanding him in raspy Mexican to eat her cunt and to lick her clit and all the things that go with a good slippery nasty. Man, is she working him and me over. It feels fucking awesome.

Sex is always the best funk antidote. Fuck away the funkaches is my motto along with the other one you've heard a bazillion times.
Miguel is a natural cuntlicker. He uses his tongue and his lips and his nose and that scraggly beard in all the right places. He knows where and how a woman likes to be licked. He's as good as any woman at cuntlicking and that goes for all the lesbians I've enjoyed, in realsex-time and shoesex-time.
He's so good because he takes direction well, and do Lucretia and I know how to give it. Thanks to our mouths and our hands and our orders Miguel becomes an extension of our bodies. It's like we're licking each other through him. I tell Miguel to lick harder. Lucretia says the same in Spanish, and she guides his head with her hands, and damn do I feel it as if he were latched onto my cunt.

"Suck on my clit."

Miguel fellates Lucretia's clit like a little cock. His lips purse into a tiny oh and he bobs up and down like a good homo should. He's so good at clitsucking I'm beginning to wonder if the boy isn't just a little bit bi. I wonder if he's sucked cock?

"You like that, Miguel, don't you."

He nods and, well, his whole body moves as he does, and that nod, oh my, how it travels up my pussy to my tits and bounces around my brain. This should fire my synapses into a bliss no funk can sour.

"Lick my ass, Miguel."

Lucretia pushes his face down to her butt, sliding his whole visage through her parted labia and juice-matted pelt, rubbing his hair into her pussy, fastening his long, angular Latin nose into her vagina as his tongue rims her butt. Oh, man, is this a lesson in how to pleasure a woman through the roof, to the stars, by way of Uranus.

"Fuck your ass, Miguel. Fuck your ass for us."

Miguel pounds his finger up his butt and the thrusts make his head jackhammer into Lucretia's cunt. His tongue burrows up her ass - his nose wedges into her cunt and his forehead bangs on her clit. It's something like giving birth.

As Miguel undulates his body he rubs his cock on the sheets against his flat stomach. I catch peeks of his dick as he moves. The tip is red, swollen, pulsing.
His foreskin rolls up and down like he's jerking himself off. Sticky pre-come dribbles out of his dickslit and leaves a trail along the bed which smears on his golden skin and shines.

Lucretia bends her long leg at the knee and presses her foot against Miguel's cock, arching her sole around his pulsing shaft. She bends her other leg at the knee and presses down on Miguel's hands as they fuck his ass. She kicks her foot down, adding extra oomph to his thrusts. Miguel moans as his fingers push deep into his butt. I feel Lucretia's foot press Miguel's cock into the bed and rub it up and down with short, sharp, heavy attention. Miguel moans as best he can, his face muffled by my cunt and ass. His hot breath, the clustered suck of his lips, the gnash of teeth and the lunge of his body as he comes on Lucretia's foot lifts us both into a orgasmic Nirvana. Miguel's hot come flooding through Lucretia's toes is like warm massage oil that she uses his dick to rub into our soles.

We don't let him rest. We keep him moving up and down and licking at our pussies and asses as his dick grows soft through the mega-sensitive stage he finds himself trapped in. He's our living, breathing sex toy, and we're not finished yet. There's many more orgasms to go for us on this night of the Day of the Dead, and if Miguel's true to form then he'll be ready to go again in half an hour.

What happens next? It involves Jack the Ripper, the Catholic Church and much shoesex in a terrifying climax that maybe the end of Violetta Valery Cutrero. Or it may just be the beginning. Buy Lucretia:Baddy Two Shoes and find out whether the feet cannot be denied...


"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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