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This piece is entitled 7pm - A Downtown Penthouse - The City of One Night Stands tells the tale of 6 people in LA and how their "chance" sexual encounters lead to so much more - this is how uber-lawyer Marlene Neumann seduces a well-hung mailroom helper.

He worked in the law offices' mail room and had been assigned to help Marlene move several heavy boxes of case files from a client's office to her office. There was a certain urgency in accomplishing the transfer so Marlene readily agreed to take care of the business on Saturday. They'd met at the law office at noon. For the life of her she couldn't remember his name. It was one of those names like Scott or Brent or Troy, but he seemed to answer quite well to 'hey you,' so Marlene didn't try too hard to get his moniker down.

Marlene had dressed for business as she would normally do on a weekday. The clients were important to the firm so she thought it best to look the slick $300 per hour lawyer she was. Shane (that was his real name) had dressed for moving heavy boxes on a hot summer day. He wore skimpy running shorts that flared open at mid thigh and a very brief muscle revealing tank top. Marlene and Shane were a study in contrasts so typical of life in Los Angeles. He had sun bleached curly blonde short hair and every inch of his two hundred pound, six foot four hard body was tanned. She had straight shoulder length auburn hair and was porcelain like fair all over her slender five foot six, one hundred and ten pound figure. Against Marlene's primly conservative blue silk suit, charcoal grey stockings and properly low blue suede Via Spiga designer shoes Shane looked almost like an overgrown little schoolboy being taken to play with his friends by his very proper mother. Only Shane wasn't so little, Marlene noticed as he stepped into her BMW 325i convertible, 'accidentally' revealing quite an expanse of cockflesh peeking out from underneath his shiny black running shorts. And Marlene, successfully single and always on the look out for a new dick to try, wasn't thinking like a very proper mother taking her overgrown schoolboy to play with his friends as she put the car in gear and headed out to the client's offices in Burbank.

It took the better part of three hours for Marlene to go through all the files and tag the items she needed transferred. Due to his rather casual appearance, Marlene thought it better to have Shane wait outside by the car until she needed his muscles. As she boxed manila folder after manila folder of contracts and agreements that probably weren't worth the paper they were printed on, she kept glancing out of the window at Shane's provocative sunbathing. He'd taken off his next to nothing tank top and was lying face down on the grass listening to exercise disco music on his personal stereo. Every so often he'd thrust his pelvis off of the ground and wiggle it in the air quite suggestively. Marlene found herself staring through her studious glasses at his gyrations and thinking what it would be like to be under his thrusting hulk. The thought shocked her he wasn't her type at all. Marlene found herself wondering what the brutal attraction of this dolt was. She always went for the more sophisticated men usually older and worldly not rough trade raw meat like like Scott or whatever his name was.

It must be the heat she told herself, and resolved to go for a cooling swim in the rooftop pool the moment she got back to her penthouse apartment.

It was thus quite a surprise to her to hear the following words come out of her mouth once Shane had finished unloading the mountain of boxes she'd crammed into the BMW.

'I wonder if you wouldn't mind help me moving some of my furniture. I've only been in my apartment a month, and I'm just finding out how wrong the movers were when they placed things...?'

'Sure. Lead the way,' had been Shane's innocent reply. The look on his face had been anything but innocent as the car pulled out of the underground garage and into the bright sunlight for the few blocks journey to DownTown Towers. Little was said as they traversed the thirty floors in the elevator to Marlene's penthouse apartment, both imaginations being too busy to bother with words.

'Let's see do you think you could move that table more into the centre of the room?'

'No problem.' And indeed it wasn't. Shane hardly broke a sweat.

'That's much better. Now do you think you could come here in the bedroom and help me move the bed?'

'I'd love to come in your bedroom.'

Marlene gave Shane a mock reprimanding look as he smiled smugly at his ability to dish out double entendres.

'I'd like to move the bed over to that wall so that I can see the sun rise and set from it.'

'Planning on spending a lot of time in bed?'

Again there was the smug smile. Marlene couldn't help but feel like a child molester. Shane must have been all of eighteen or nineteen and here she was a thirty year old partner in one of Los Angeles' most prestigious law firms. It was obvious that he knew what she had in mind, and he seemed more than willing to oblige.

Marlene took one corner of the bed and Shane the rest. He was capable of moving it on his own, but Marlene felt obliged to do some of the positioning. She was bent over the corner of the bed facing Shane when a seemingly innocent comment he made caught her unawares.

'Nice view.'

Marlene looked over her shoulder at the sprawling landscape of downtown Los Angeles, resplendent through the floor to ceiling windows of her bedroom. She'd wondered when he would show some signs of being impressed with her rather exclusive location. It had taken a while for Shane to show his appreciation of her wealth. Most people usually gushed superlatives upon walking through the door. Satisfied that she was starting to get the upper hand, Marlene went back to tucking in the bed covers.

'I didn't mean the city. I meant your breasts.'

'What oh I I don't know what you mean.'

Marlene stood bolt upright and took a few steps backward away from Shane and the smug smile he wore as a badge her hand held in surprised fashion against the soft pale coloured silk of her blouse. He must have been able to see down her cleavage when she was bending over. Marlene's breasts were large for her size. Shane must have gotten a spectacularly revealing look considering she'd worn a low cut ivory lace bra that barely covered her nipples.
'I I'll get us something to drink. All that moving must have made you hot. Wine o.k?'

Marlene felt like escaping from the bedroom to collect her thoughts. Did she really want to do this? Too late now, her flustered mind threw in for good measure.

'Sure whatever you want is fine with me.'

Again, there was that smug smile. Marlene scurried past the huge form to the sanctity of the kitchen where she took her time opening a nicely cool Pinot Grigio. Calmness returned. They'd have a drink and she'd thank him for his help and apologise for any misunderstandings, and so sorry but I have to be somewhere soon so could he make his way back to the office and his car...

Yes that's what she'd do. It would be for the best...

She knew it was the kind of empty reasoning that went under the general heading of rationalising. Her good intentions totally disappeared when she walked back into the bedroom carrying the wine, two frosty goblets and a bucket of ice on an elegant sterling silver tray. Her eyes immediately fell to the floor where a small pile of carelessly tossed running shorts and tank top adorned her polished wood floor.

'Oh my.'

Shane didn't say anything. He let his body do the talking. He lay on the bed, semi reclining, legs spread. He still wore that smug smile. Perhaps the reason for his cockiness had something to do with the foot long penis he was stroking so matter of factly.

Marlene was determined to not act in the slightest bit shocked or impressed.



'Don't get up I'll pour.'

It was the largest dick she'd ever seen, and in a few minutes that monster would be inside her. She'd never get it all in. And how did he get it that hard without passing out from loss of blood to the brain? No wonder he had big muscles. He had to just to lift that thing.

'Your wine.'


Marlene sat on the edge of the bed facing Shane. He stopped stroking his cock and took the wine goblet. His cock stood proudly, defying gravity in a most amazing manner. Marlene raised her glass in a toast.

'Thank you for helping me this afternoon.'

'You're very welcome, Ms. Neumann.'

'You can call me Marlene.'

'And I'm Shane.'

'Well Shane, here we are.'

'Yes, here we are.'

'Tell me Shane,' Marlene inquired, sipping wine delicately, 'are you always so so cocksure of yourself that you strip off in a lady's bedroom and play with that unit of yours? What makes you so sure that I'm not going to call the police and have you arrested?'

'And miss a chance to sit on this? I think not,' Shane smugly replied, gulping wine fervently, 'You've been giving me the eye all day. And that excuse to move furniture give me a break. With a place like this you don't need any favours like moving furniture. That was just a ploy to get me up here so you could see me naked and have sex with me.'

'Direct aren't we.' Now Marlene was gulping wine fervently.

'I've found it is best. Could I have some more wine while you undress?'

'Certainly, help yourself, Shane, while I take off my clothes. I don't what to run my stockings on that prick of yours.'

Marlene was feeling more comfortable with the situation. Perhaps it was the wine, but the butterflies in her stomach had metamorphasised into sex starved vultures. If Shane can flaunt his body, so can I, thought Marlene. She waited for him to return to the bed with his goblet of wine and then began her striptease show. She decided to be nonchalant about the act of removing her clothes as if the well hung stud on the bed wasn't even there.
The skirt was first. Marlene turned to face the windows her back to Shane. She reached behind her with her perfectly manicured ivory coloured fingernails and slid the zipper down to the beginning of her bottom. Her hands slid from the zipper and cupped her ass cheeks ever so carefully placing enough pressure on her skirt to slide the tightness of the blue silk over her hips. As it fell to the ground she bent carefully over to pick up the garment, stepping ballerina like out of its confines. Shane was treated to a perfectly unobstructed view of Marlene's ass, save for the few microns of diaphanous ivory coloured lace panties that cradled her delectable cheeks. She knew she had his undivided attention, so Marlene strutted to her closet where she took all the time in the world to hang up her skirt. Directing her attention to the grinning stud on the bed she added nonchalantly, 'I didn't want to wrinkle it.'
Shane just smiled and slowly stroked the full twelve straining inches of his cock while sipping at the wine. As she walked from her closet to her position at the foot of the bed, Marlene couldn't help imagining that the bulbous head of Shane's dick seemed to rotate and follow her stately progress like some predatory animal about to pounce or a submarine's periscope searching for ships to sink.

Next it was time to lose the blouse that Shane had already had the pleasure of seeing under. Marlene rotated to face the windows giving Shane another excellent view of her bottom resplendent in ivory lace framed by her charcoal gray suspender belt and matching stockings. Marlene was sure she could feel the slit eye of the throbbing penis probing every inch of her skin, raising goosebumps on her warm flesh.

Marlene crossed her arms behind her head, latching on to the shoulder straps of her pale coloured silk top and extended her limbs to extricate her body from the soft covering with a teasing shake of her auburn hair. In one sweeping motion reminiscent of the naughtiest of strippers, she clutched the silk top with her outstretched right hand and let it flutter down to the top of her dresser, keeping her arm extended, casting a most erotic profile to the enthralled viewer on the bed.

Marlene decided upon a profile shot for the removal of her half cup bra. Swiveling on her heels she arched her back to cause her more than ample breasts to jut suggestively outward. Her freedom minded nipples chose the opportunity to poke mischievously out of their marginal confines adding just that extra touch of sauciness to her lusty profile. The bra was fastened right in the middle of her cleavage by a little clasp that Marlene pretended to have difficulty with, causing her tits to jiggle under her touch. Finally, they broke free as the lace cups cascaded aside under the tension of Marlene's arched back, her tits swinging with their once contained momentum, gradually relaxing into a supremely suggestive equilibrium. Marlene's breasts were full enough that they drooped ever so slightly under their own weight once free of the support of the bra. It gave them that extremely sexy jiggle that women with smaller or firmer tits don't have. Marlene knew this and sent ripples of energy through them as she walked from the foot of the bed to her dresser.
Her Via Spiga heels clicked on the wood like the ticking of a clock counting down the instants to her most erotic act of undressing yet: the unsheathing of her legs from her extremely sheer charcoal grey French heel stockings. Turning sideways she raised one leg, cocking it at the knee, and ran her fingers all the way up from her ankle, past her tensioned calf muscle, along her thigh, finally coming to rest on the front clasp of the suspender. She paused as if admiring the shapely profile of her leg, letting her hanging breasts sway slightly as she toyed with the clasp. With a innocent flick of her middle finger the clasp released and she let her hand trace a sweeping curve around her buttock to the rear clasp. Again she paused momentarily, acting as if she couldn't find the fastener. She retreated along her bottom and found the suspender strap. Inch by inch she traced the line down the curve of her ass and flicked free the restraint. The dark band of the stocking top lost some of its tension sending sensual ripples through the sheerness of the nylon. Marlene gripped the top band of the stocking and slowly rolled the sheath agonisingly down her cocked leg, leaving it bunched into a delicate band around her ankle.
It was time to remove one of her shoes. Her hand gripped the ankle strap of the Via Spiga and pulled it to release the snap. It popped free and Marlene arched her foot skyward letting the shoe fall from her toes on to the hardwood floor with a clatter. She kept her foot in the arched position,making sure that Shane could see her tensioned muscles and the erotically contrasting heel reinforcement of the stocking. Sweeping her fingers down her legs, Marlene continued rolling her stocking down to her toes until it came completely free from her foot. Outstretching her arm she let the stocking dangle its full length and delicately placed it on the back of the chair.

It was time for the other leg. With deft precision she repeated the process, careful not to look directly at Shane. Out of the corner of her eye she could see he was still slowly pumping his massive unit, obviously enjoying the show. So too was Marlene who could feel her juices begin to flow. She'd undressed before for many men and had learned the power of her casual eroticism, but this situation was different somehow. She viewed Shane as more of a challenge. He apparently viewed himself as some sort of sexual athlete who women craved. A gigantic gigolo with a dick and an ego to match, he had most probably never wanted for female company, but Marlene was determined not to become just another score. She was steadfast in her desire to teach the boy a little humility. The prospects of the lesson caused her cunt juices to flow with torrential abandon. As she turned to face the masturbating tanned body on the bed she had but one garment to remove her ivory lace panties which as she straightened her body from removing her stockings she could feel were soaked through with her moisture.

She hooked her fingers on the thin lace sides and bent slightly forward to take the drenched garment off. Her tits dangled playfully forward rocking from side to side as she teetered while removing the panties. She thought it about time she broke the silence that had electrified the room.

'Nice view, uh?'

Marlene thought she'd use Shane's playful words back against him. His response was perhaps typical of his desire not to be one upped.

'Yeah I bet you can see Catalina on a clear day.'

'I didn't mean Los Angeles, you asshole.'

Marlene made a face and hurled the panties at Shane along with the joking rebuke. The lace almost nothings were intercepted by the obstacle of his penis, the stickiness of the panties causing them to wrap tightly around the bulky shaft. Marlene chose the accident as the basis for her first contact.

'Your hand must be getting tired here let me take over.'

Instead of removing the panties from Shane's monolithic cock she wrapped the soaked lace tightly around the pulsing girth of the shaft and began to masturbate Shane's dick with both of her hands. Marlene moved her pretty hands up and down the foot long cock slowly and deliberately, making sure to slip the lace of her panties against every glistening ridge and feature of the monster. She felt like some ancient priestess praying at an altar as part of a secret sexual initiation ceremony. Through the lace her long fingers marveled at the supple texture of Shane's almighty dick. She wasn't sure what she'd expected, but she was pleasantly surprised by the cock's responsiveness to her touch. It was fascinating the way his balls rose as she pulled at his shaft, and then hung there in space, gradually descending back down to the satin sheets of the bed.

The sun cast amazingly intricate rainbow like patterns through the lace and onto the pulsing colours of Shane's blood engorged member. The fine veins of his penis seemed to change colour with every touch of Marlene's skilled hands, contrasting deeply with the pale ivory of her fingernails. And where the mushroom shaped cockhead blossomed proudly from its stem, Marlene concentrated the most pressure, almost strangling Shane's cock with the twisting of her soaked lace panties.

All this was a bit of a new sensation to Shane. Most women, when confronted with the sight of his admirable boner, just leapt right on top of it out of intense sexual curiosity. And he'd never had a woman wrap her soaked panties around his prize unit and wank him off, but then again his average girlfriend had nowhere near the experience and sophistication of Marlene Neumann. And the women Shane had seduced with his Adonis like good looks were usually more vulnerable than this smart young counselor who knew how to handle herself in the courtroom, and equally well in the bedroom.

'Do you like the feel of my sopping wet panties on your cock?'

'Yeah it feels kinda weird.'


'Yeah I've never had lace on my cock before.'

'You should try it sometime when you play with yourself. I'll loan you some of my old panties if you want to.'

'Wow you're weird.'

Marlene just laughed and kept squeezing the swollen head of Shane's cock. It was clear to her that when brains had been handed out, Shane was at the front of the cock line and somehow never made it over to the brain section. But then again, Marlene kept telling herself that she wasn't here in bed with this young stud to have him quote Shelley, Byron or Keats at her. She looked at his athletic form reclining on the bed, arms crossed behind his head, smug, empty headed smile on his face, apparently admiring his mammoth stand twitching under her fingers' touch, and Marlene quickly resolved to enjoy the exceptional collection of male equipment presented before her for what it was a dick with a body attached to it as an after thought.

'Do you like to have your balls played with?'

'Yeah yeah that feels good.'

At least he didn't describe it as 'weird,' thought Marlene as she kneaded one of the the two ripe Jaffa orange sized testicles with one of her hands whilst casually stroking Shane's cockhead with the other. Marlene spread her fingers wide and pinched the shaft between her thumb and forefinger placing the maximum pressure she could on the lace that just managed to cover the massive blue vein that sprouted from deep within the root of Shane's cock and climbed defiantly upwards. In strict coordination with her jerking of Shane's cock, Marlene increased the pressure on his balls, squeezing and pulling the scrotum roughly.

'Ouch hey be careful...'

'Oh come on big boy, not afraid of a little pain are you?'

'No but you're really weird.'

There was that 'weird' again. The realisation that Shane liked his sex straight and uncomplicated was taking a little of the fun out of Marlene's late afternoon romp. She backed off from the squeezing of Shane's balls, and went back to wanking his erectness with both of her hands. With her tongue she licked Shane's cockhead through the lace of her come soaked panties, planting heavy duty sucking kisses on the gigantic slit at the top of the purple coloured fist sized cock. Her own juices mingled with Shane's sweat and salty pre come to present her with quite an unusual concoction of taste sensations. There was something about eating her own panties on Shane's hardness that ignited flames deep inside Marlene's cunt. It seemed so primal so animal like so very crude to see this fine specimen of male pride encased in come soaked lace. And then to rake her teeth on the bulging cockhead of this tanned young man kick started her cunt into sexual overdrive. She increased her pace and pressure on Shane's dick noticing for the first time that the vacant smile had been wiped away by her increasingly frenetic advances. Shane had closed his eyes and was grimacing under her lust craved onslaught.
He may have a huge cock, but he has no more resilience than any normal man, surmised Marlene as she saw her body's experienced fucking technique gain the upper hand. Shane was now rolling and twitching under Marlene's calculated fondlings. It was time to nibble his balls, she decided, and in doing so she did not miss one beat of her masturbating motions. Whereas for most men she would be able so suck on both testicles at once, it was physically impossible to do so with Shane's gonads. Instead she focused solely on one, nibbling the fleshly sack and sucking tightly on the ball itself. As Shane writhed under her oral ministrations she reduced the force of her kisses and gradually slowed down to long lashing licks that traveled all the way up from his balls, to the stem, up the foot long shaft to rest once more vampire like on the vulnerable head.

Shane was now whimpering with anguish. He'd clearly never encountered such sensations with as much intensity as Marlene's capable mouth and hands delivered. She could have kept the poor boy in suspense indefinitely, but felt the need to bring matters to a head. She arched her back, releasing her grip on Shane's cock. At this point he could hardly tell the difference as his body underwent pre orgasm spasms evidenced by the curling of his toes, by the repeated licking of his lips and of the supreme arching of his magnificent dong. Marlene wrapped the lace of her panties once more around the girth of Shane's cock and stood above his sexually charged body.

What a sight it must have been for the voyeuristic occupants of other downtown high rises lucky enough to own high powered binoculars with which to see Marlene's statuesque body, legs astride this behemoth of a man, her breasts gently swaying as she gradually lowered herself onto his towering penis. She had no need to guide the member inside of her, preferring to sit gently on its concrete like straining form. Marlene had never taken in her cunt a cock of this size. At first her cunt muscles refused to take in the lace covered dick until after a few moments of bearing her full weight, the head of Shane's dick forced open Marlene's labia, the cock gently sliding backwards and up her cunt. It was Marlene's turn to whimper.

'Oh oh my god. It's so fucking big.'

'Yeah you're gonna like this.'

Shane's lack of eloquence somehow understated the sensations that pervaded Marlene's sex. The lace of her soaked panties slid tightly against the walls of her cunt adding an odd sensation to the equally odd sensation of having such a huge cock inside her. Marlene imagined that the tingling sensations she was feeling must be something like giving birth, so stretched inordinantly wide her cunt felt. And in the length department she had difficulty as she could not take the dick's full twelve straining inches inside of her, but was forced to squat on her bent legs, just a few inches from the base of Shane's cock, supporting herself on Shane's chest with her stately arms. The whole scene looked like some kind of perverted exercise video.

Shane would like that, she thought and one, and two, and three, and legs bend and squat on that cock all done to some trashy disco music. Marlene smiled at the view her mind's eye gave her of a room full of people doing 'fuckerobics' with some obnoxiously happy teachers engaged in a calorie reducing carnal embrace.

Marlene's wandering mind jumped back into the reality of the situation as she felt the huge cock within her beginning to pulse rapidly. The throbbing of Shane's giant cock made her whole body pulse as if her insides were actually expanding and contracting under the pressure of the insistent cock. She gripped her thighs closer together to force her cunt muscles to grab that much tighter ahold of Shane's tool. In doing so, the lace of her panties slipped and pulled at the flesh of Shane's cock, thereby never giving the poor boy the slightest release from that delicious fucking sensation caused by an extremely tight cunt being modulated by lovely taut thigh muscles. Even as Marlene relaxed, the constriction of the panties pulling on Shane's sensitised flesh continued its relentless sensory assault. The texture of the lace slipping and sliding within her was hard to describe. It felt as if there were additional hands or small creatures inside of her vagina, toying with her cunt and Shane's cock with playful abandon. At times the feeling was not totally pleasurable, but Marlene was not about to stop the merry go round and get off. It was worth the soreness she'd feel tomorrow for the sensations that wracked her body today.

With each of her long strokes of Shane's cock she was able to take the gargantuan throbber deeper inside of her as her pussy expanded to accommodate the cock's fullness. Fucking such a monster was an art, Marlene concluded, that required patience, cunning and a more than capable cunt. But apart from the sheer size of Shane's cock and the intensely pleasurable pain it caused on its piston like ramming of her pussy, Marlene had to give herself additional stimulation to bring her orgasm closer to the brink. Shane appeared oblivious to Marlene's desire to reach fulfillment, somehow accepting that the sheer size of his unit should be enough for any woman. Under Marlene's fucking, Shane felt like he was doing his job just to keep his proud dong as fully erect as he could and to shoot his load into her desirous receptacle. Which, because Shane was not known for his restraint, was imminent.
Marlene experienced Shane's release as one of the longest male orgasms she'd ever had the pleasure of sitting upon. She felt it first in her bottom as she sat down fully on Shane's apparatus. His balls seemed to push back on her as if buckets of sperm were being loaded into his cannon of a cock to be launched outward at her. Marlene pushed back against the pressure with her buttocks and thighs, reaching behind with both of her hands to grasp each of Shane's testicles in her hands and roll them between her fingers. In the position she was in with her back arched, reclining backwards on his dick, Marlene's breasts swung to her sides and jiggled under Shane's thrusts. Marlene stopped sliding her cunt over his length, content to use her strong muscles to bring off Shane's orgasm. The response was increased writhing from Shane who didn't want the long languorous motions to stop. Marlene was bucked up and down like a cowboy being bounced around by an unruly steed. Throughout her ride she held on to Shane's testicles, fiercely pulling the hairy objects and squeezing those large orbs with little care for Shane's body.

It didn't help Shane's comfort that Marlene's lace panties were now thoroughly wrapped tightly around the root of his shaft constricting his erection into new heights of hardness. And Marlene's calculating thigh muscles added just that extra pressure to his cock, driving the usually calm and in control Shane into fits of come desiring motions. He wanted to get off and end the pleasure that started at the tip of his mammoth penis and spread throughout every nerve of his huge body.

His wish was granted as his balls released their maximum load into Marlene's already full to capacity cunt. She felt the hot liquid spurt forth from Shane's cockslit and spread like melting butter throughout her warm insides. The orgasm seemed endless in its ability to fill every nook and cranny of her tasty quim. Soon she felt the liquid dripping out of her hole, down over Shane's balls and onto her satin sheets. As she began to move again on his cock, more come squeezed out of her stretched opening like a squashed fruit giving up its sweet juices.

Marlene entered the realm of desperation fucking at this moment. She felt curiously unsatisfied with the huge dick inside of her. It was so long that she was unable to grind her clitoris down on Shane's pubic mound adding that desired titillation of her hot little button. A more aware gentleman might have assisted her with his hands, but Shane was too into his own body to contemplate the subtleties of fucking. Now that he'd shot his massive load he appeared uninterested in the whole proceedings. Marlene was having none of it.

'Oh no you don't. You keep that dick of yours hard while I ride it, or I swear you'll be limping out of here.'

'Hey no problem...'

It was during this part of the early evening fuck that Marlene noticed the shadow cast by Shane's tree trunk of a cock, and her imagination had wandered to thoughts of Ancient Druids as her fingers played with her throbbing bud. Shane's cock had withered slightly, making it that more possible to ram its remaining fullness inside of her. It was as she realised how boring this fuck was becoming that she had an idea that would at least make it more enjoyable for her. Marlene was fed up of looking at Shane's stupidly smug expression as she rode up and down on his cock. There was something about the view that was none to erotic. She could have closed her eyes, but she felt that such an action would be cheating. To her back was a magnificent vista of the Los Angeles coastline and the setting sun. She decided to face the ocean.

As she reached the top of Shane's cock she quickly pivoted around completely. The view was much better. Marlene rested on her knees and was able to slide up and down on Shane's dick with just a small bend of her delicious limbs. She focused on the setting sun and the rippling shadows it cast over Los Angeles, conscious that her ass was staring at Shane. She wished he'd have the brains to play with her bottom stick one of his thick finger up there as she slid up and down on his dick but Shane seemed oblivious to the possibilities.

Looking down from the horizon, Marlene noticed the swell of Shane's balls between his legs. With one of her hands she hefted the sack towards her and began to rub it hard on her clitoris. The massive ball contorted around her flesh massaging her button in every possible direction. Combined with the full sliding movements of her body up and down Shane's cock, Marlene at last began to feel the rise of her orgasm building. As the warmth within her spread she pressed the testicle harder and harder against her until she was practically digging her nails into the flesh.

'Hey Marlene take it easy.'

'Just fuck me just fuck me and shut up stick your finger up my asshole.'

'Wow no way.'

Marlene paid no attention to the big lug's apparent reluctance to touch her bottom. She didn't let up one iota on his testicle, pounding the fleshy sack into her cunt with ever increasing ferocity. Underneath her she could feel Shane wriggle and twitch as if he were trying to escape her onslaught. His motions only made her more determined to bring herself off in this manner.

It began with no small subtlety. Marlene was used to orgasms that slowly rolled through her pussy like the distant Pacific Ocean crashing on Los Angeles' beaches. For some mysterious reason this orgasm was more like a tidal wave erupting from the deep without the courtesy of a storm warning. The intensity of her release hit Marlene like a hurricane, literally devastating her body. With an ear piercing scream she folded forward, continually racking her cunt with Shane's balls. To prevent his dick from being done a mischief, Shane was forced to sit up, amazed at the ferocity with which this apparently demure lawyer fucked.

Wave after wave of come draining intensity shot from Marlene's pussy, jolting her body with electric like prods. She slid further towards the end of the bed, extricating her body from Shane's dick, releasing his balls, and ending her orgasm at the foot of her bed staring at the descending orange ball of the sun. As it sank lower and lower towards the horizon, Marlene was sure that the distant orb winked at her.


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