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Cocktails was based upon my experiences running a nightclub (One Step Beyond) and frequenting many bars in Silicon Valley. Each chapter was based upon a drink and included the recipe, and to a certain degree, was based upon characters I knew. This hot bit recounts what happens when a fiery tempered waitress from The Pumping Station cocktail lounge is pulled over by a horny cop.

Cocktails - Chapter Three - The Long Island Iced Tea

1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Gin
1/2 oz. Light Rum
1/2 oz. Tequila
1/2 oz. Triple Sec
Juice of 1/2 Lemon

Combine ingredients and pour over ice in tall glass. Add a dash of cola for color. Garnish with a slice of lemon

Officer Norman Moore was also leaving the Pumping Station. The restaurant at the Pump was a favorite hang out for Silicon Valley's police force. The food was good, the portions large and the girls even the food waitresses much more attractive than the old hags that worked at the plethora of nickel and dime coffee shops littering every intersection of the Valley. The Pumping Station was so popular with the local police that the Chief of Police had enforced a two car limit at the Pump at any one time. There had been numerous citizen complaints that too many officers were sitting around drinking coffee and ogling waitresses instead of being out on the street doing something useful like stopping crime.

Officer Moore was just radioing into Headquarters that he was leaving the Pump so that another hungry officer could take advantage of the remaining hour of restaurant service when he noticed the red Mustang rapidly leave the lounge parking lot. It didn't take him long to put the police cruiser into drive, switch on the lights and sound the siren. Moore knew that an arrest out of the Pump would be good for public relations sort of justifying the amount of time the police spent there.

'Fuck fuck fuck.' Louisa saw the flashing red, blue and white lights in the Mustang's rear view mirror. She hadn't heard the siren she'd had the radio up at maximum volume to help keep her awake. She pulled the car into the parking lot of one of the many electronics companies in the area. Now deserted, it was at least private property and the police probably wouldn't impound her car if she got arrested.

Officer Moore unsnapped his revolver, unclipped his truncheon and walked officiously up to the driver's side door. He immediately recognised Louisa as a waitress at the Pumping Station. He thought it best not to acknowledge the recognition.

'Going a bit fast weren't we, Miss?'

'Not as fast as I could have been.' Louisa was not in a good mood. It had been a bad night and it was rapidly getting worse.

Moore responded officiously.

'Driver's license and vehicle registration, please Miss.' Officer Moore was determined not to be intimidated by the feisty blonde bombshell he'd seen so many times at the Pump. He would act as if he was going to give her a ticket and then be quite the gentleman and let her off. Who knows what favors she might do in return?

Louisa fumbled in the glove box of the car. She retrieved a mess of papers, some of which may have been the required documents. Officer Moore leaned into the car ostensibly to take the papers but his prime purpose was to stare up Louisa's short mini skirt. Louisa was still wearing the Pumping Station regulation red suspender belt and black stockings. She'd been in such a hurry to get out of work that she couldn't have been bothered to change out of her undergarments. She'd just taken off the slinky black dress, pulled on a tight black mini skirt and thrown her black leather jacket onto her shoulders. Now, seated firmly in the bucket seat of the Mustang, her dress had inched its way to the top of her thighs, revealing by the dim lights of the parking lot not only the suspender belt and the stocking tops so exquisitely held taught, but also the tantalizing vee of white lace panties and the wispy darkness they contained. The zipper of her leather jacket was down low enough to reveal the upper curves of a lovely pair of pert breasts.

Officer Moore's police senses were distracted from the erotic vista of Louisa's thighs by a familiar smell. It took him all of a few seconds of continued staring before it dawned on him what vapors were wafting around his nose. He backed his head out of the car and stared accusingly at Louisa.

'Have you been drinking, Miss?'


'Just answer the question I can smell alcohol on you.'

'No shit Sherlock Holmes. You know damn well I'm a fucking cocktail waitress at the the Pump. So what do you expect me to smell like - fucking pigshit.'

'Just step out of the car Miss.'

Officer Moore was starting to think that maybe this wasn't going to be as easy had he'd thought. This one had a temper as fiery as her red lips.

'Okay okay come here smell my breath you tell me if you think I've been drinking.'

Louisa knew that the two or three gulps of the Long Island wouldn't make their way past the haze of cigarette smoke and lipstick that laced her breath. Officer Moore leaned forward hoping once more to catch a faint glimpse of Louisa's pussy while overtly trying to smell alcohol on her breath. It was a huge mistake.

Louisa didn't really know why she did it, other than it seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. In one quick movement she took the glass of alcohol given her by Arnie and threw what was left of the Long Island into Moore's face.

'Now can you smell it asshole now can you smell alcohol,' Louisa taunted the shocked officer. He'd expected an eyeful of pussy and got something that stung a whole lot more. He stumbled back rubbing his eyes. When his vision cleared Louisa was propped up against the car smoking a cigarette, smiling in the truly condescending way that only a woman who knows she has the upper hand can do. It was more than any man even a policeman could stand. He rushed towards her. What he intended to do once he got there his brain hadn't yet figured out.

Louisa swung her fist at the onrushing cop who ducked just a bit too late. The blow caught him high on the head, but not squarely. The impact forced Moore to bend downwards. Louisa who was by now quite perked up this was the most fun she'd had all night decided that a kick in the ass was just what Moore needed. She swung her leg but Moore who was still bent over from the missed blow saw it coming and grabbed her stocking covered calf. It was no great effort for him to spin her around as she pivoted on her five inch spike high heels. Now, suddenly off balance, Louisa was thrust with all of Moore's might into the side of her Mustang. The impact knocked the breath out of Louisa, who in this position was no match for a much stronger and much angrier man. Resorting back to the training he'd received at the Police Academy, it took just a few moments for Moore to handcuff Louisa's hands behind her back and as an added measure of security to handcuff her legs together just above her ankles.

Officer Moore stepped backwards a few paces to catch his breath. Louisa slumped over the Mustang gasping for air. It was then that Norman Moore realised that he possessed the hardest erection he'd ever had the pleasure of being the proud owner of. It was even harder than when the stripper at Captain Will's bachelor party had done that trick with Moore's hand and a cucumber.

The cause of Norman Moore's hardness was unwittingly Louisa. The struggle, the fight, the body contact and of course the distinctly erotic process of handcuffing her arms and long legs had caused his adrenalin and blood pressure to peak beyond its normal limits. These days, working nights, his wife and he didn't enjoy sex so much as go through the motions. And now facing him was an erotic vixen in somewhat of a vulnerable and appealing state. Officer Moore was on the edge of losing control. He may have been able to maintain his professional demeanor if it hadn't been for the sight that met his still alcohol sore eyes.

Rubbing the last few drops of the Long Island from his face, Moore's eyes focused first on the ground and then traveled inevitably and oh so slowly up Louisa's subjugated form. The silver of the handcuffs glistened against the shimmering darkness of the black nylon stockings that were exquisitely highlighted by the five inch black high heels held securely to Louisa's ankles by the most delicate of straps. Journeying up the dark seams of the stockings to the even darker stocking tops held taught by the red suspender belt of Louisa's uniform, Moore's gaze halted just a few inches above the splendid sight.
He caught his breath.

'Dear God...'

In the struggle between them, Louisa's tight mini skirt had been forced all the way to her waist revealing to Moore the tempting sight of her white lace covered bottom framed invitingly by the red suspender belt. Slumped forward over the Mustang, Louisa's ass was thrust towards Moore in a most come hither manner. His libido took no small note of the erotic effect of having Louisa's wrists handcuffed exactly in the middle of the space framed by the suspender belt. The handcuffs on her ankles were also in perfectly sensual symmetry. As he approached Louisa's gasping form he noticed for the first time that her fingernails were long, exceptionally long, and very blood red.

Louisa was quite unaware of her predicament. The force of being thrown against the car had momentarily stunned her senseless. She felt too weak to stand, thankful of her car as a crutch. It was as she started to gain some small feeling of being human once more that she felt two strong hands take her by the waist, and in one swift movement lift her skyward. Her head reeled as she was tossed roughly over Moore's shoulder. He steadied her from falling by spreading his hand over her bottom and pressing her tightly against his uniform. As he marched militarily to his car he rhythmically rubbed her ass cheeks in a squeezing, kneading manner. Small as she was, Louisa's bottom was firm and resilient perfectly formed just right for squeezing and pinching.
It was these invading feelings that brought Louisa fully to her senses. She quickly ascertained the situation remembered what she had done and resolved that tonight would be spent in the county jail.

'I guess it's jail for me,' Louisa mumbled as Moore lowered her into the back seat of his police cruiser.

'Not quite, bitch.'

'Temper temper. I was just having a bit of fun.'

At first Moore didn't answer her. He went to the front seat and turned off the flashing lights and the headlights. He turned the ignition of the car off. All was silent except for Louisa's forced breathing.

Moore returned to the back of the car and stepped inside. With a resounding crash he slammed the door shut behind him.

'A bit of fun was it. Well I'm going to have a bit of fun now.'

Moore's mannerism was menacing as he leaned towards Louisa. He stank of alcohol and sweat.

'Don't touch me I'll scream I'll scream the fucking windows out you bast...'

Louisa didn't get to finish the sentence. Moore stuffed his regulation police issue leather gloves into her mouth. The leather, dampened by Louisa's spit, smelled strong and erotic, further exciting Moore. He uncuffed Louisa's wrists and quickly reattached them to the bars on the car window frame. Similarly with her legs he uncuffed them and attached them one by one to the bars on the opposite side of the car. He was careful to separate Louisa's legs just the right amount.

Louisa wrenched and bucked against her restraints but there was no breaking free. It was then that she decided that another strategy would be more effective. No stranger to the more bizarre forms of sexual release, Louisa decided that she would play right along with Officer Moore's bondage fantasy. There was more than one way to skin a cop...

Moore unzipped his blue police pants and pushed them down around his ankles. His holster and gun now resided there also. It was of little concern to him. There was nothing that the waitress bitch could do all trussed up like a turkey at Christmas.

Louisa could see Moore was wearing large white underwear the kind wives buy their husbands to insure male fidelity. Wifely reasoning was simple and quite logical in a suburban sort of way. Would any self respecting male really want to have an affair with an attractive someone with him wearing something that looks like it belongs at a campsite or on the mast of a ship? No plain big whites were sure to embarrass most men into being completely faithful.
Even in the dim light of the police cruiser back seat Louisa could see that Moore's big whites were stained by the tell tale signs of a long straining erection. To fuck Louisa Officer Norman Moore didn't even push his underwear down, he just pulled his cock out of the side as if he was going to piss. Likewise he pulled Louisa's white lace panties aside as he urgently rammed his hard dick forcefully into her now quite moist cunt. Louisa was excited by the situation in which she found herself. She didn't particularly relish fucking Norman Moore, but she had to admit that some of her most memorable fucks had been a bit on the rough side.

'I'm going to fuck you senseless, bitch I'll teach you to play games with me. Now your playing with the big boys not those wimps that you flash your ass to at the Pump.'

It was all Louisa could do to stop from writhing with laughter at Moore's macho talk. Luckily the gloves made it somewhat difficult to giggle. Amidst her inner laughter she decided it was time to activate her plan. She began to writhe and squirm her hips forcefully into the pounding crotch of Officer Moore. A calculated arch of her back forced her pussy to rub at Moore's erection making her tighter and much wetter. She closed her eyes and moaned deeply, heaving her chest. In almost a Pavlovian response Moore wasted no time in further unzipping her leather jacket and squeezing Louisa's taught nipples. Louisa moaned and arched her back further as his rough pinching and biting of her breasts inflamed her moist cunt.

'You like it bitch you like my dick fucking you. You're enjoying a real man's cock giving it to you hard.'

Unable to talk Louisa just nodded furiously with wide open eyes that implied 'oh yes big boy!' It had the desired effect. Moore immediately ungagged her. Louisa responded by playfully nibbling at his hands as he withdrew the gloves.

'Oh yes oh yes I've wanted your dick ever since I saw you at the Pump. I didn't think you noticed me. You must have so many women to fuck. You fuck me so well.'

Louisa combined her sultry fuck talk with expert movements of her body. Her thighs gripped Moore's pelvis as he slid his length inside of her. She held him deep within herself and let her well trained pussy muscles suck confidently at his penis as if trying to lengthen it further, making it go deeper and deeper. She arched her back, lifting her bottom off of the vinyl of the seat to follow the motion of Moore's cock as he reversed his stroke, thereby making him rush all the quicker down into the abyss of his impending orgasm. Relentlessly, Louisa's pussy chased his hardness until it had no place to hide from her sexual onslaught.'

'Ahhh Ohh ahhh.'

It had taken Moore just a few minutes to come like a gushing oil well. He wasn't used to this kind of sex. He'd often imagined fucking one of the Pump waitresses especially when his wife just lay in bed with her legs open and stared at the ceiling while he did his best to maintain an erection. There had been many times that thoughts of fucking those long legged waitresses had brought him to wank off inside his boring wife, but now faced with the real thing he'd lost all semblance of control. And like the stereotypical male that he was he immediately rolled off of Louisa and began to pull up his pants. Louisa intervened.

'That was great. I haven't been fucked like that in weeks. Don't stop I want more.'

'I should get back to duty they'll be wondering.'

Louisa knew it was just an excuse because Moore couldn't get it up again so quickly. She thought rapidly.

'You know what I want. I want you to fuck me with your big black stick. Take that truncheon and do it to me Norman fuck me with that big stick of yours.'
Norman Moore thought he'd died and gone to porno movie heaven. Here was an extremely seductive long legged stocking clad mini skirted hard nippled blonde haired high heeled feisty bitch of a woman handcuffed and spreadeagled in the back of his police cruiser wanting to be fucked with his truncheon. This was too good to be true.

In a way it was.

But Officer Norman Moore wasn't thinking too clearly as he slid the polished black wood of his truncheon into Louisa's wet pussy.

'That feels so good Norman it feels so good to have that stick up my cunt along with your spunk. Fuck me with big black stick in and out. Your dick was better but this is so good and hard, and black, and shiny and ohhh'

Norman didn't know what to say. He just complied and watched in awe as Louisa squeezed her thighs around the stick and bucked violently on the hardened plastic of the cruiser seat. She added to Norman's thrustings with her own urgent pounding, forcing the stick deeper and deeper.

'Squeeze my titties, Norman squeeze my tits hard damn you harder.'

Louisa was well and truly enjoying this part of her plan. Norman may have been incompetent in bed, but he was perfectly capable of following even these most rudimentary of instructions. And even though Louisa was technically in somewhat of a submissive position, it was clear to her that she had Norman exactly where she wanted him.

'Press the stick up and onto my clit rub it there around and around oh that's it grind it in to me there there don't stop pinch my tits ahhh.'

Louisa slumped in a satisfied manner against the car seat as her orgasm subsided. Now she could finish her plan. After a few moments she looked over at Officer Norman Moore and noticed that her writhings and talk had achieved the desired result. His penis was large, angry and erect. Now she moved in for the kill.

'I'll give you the kind of blow job that makes most men weep. I can suck your brains right out of your dick, Norman.'

Louisa added the 'Norman' slowly almost like a mother talking to a small child.

'Now just undo my arms and legs get down on the seat and I'm going to send you to cock heaven.'

Norman complied with a speed that betrayed his desires. He had no way of knowing what was in store for him. Louisa was not stretching the truth one little bit in her descriptions of her talents. What she could do with her pussy she could likewise do with her mouth.

She began slowly at first, using her nails to lightly caress the base of Norman's cock, teasing the hairs with her fingertips, pulling at the throbbing skin whilst licking long lashing strokes of her tongue up and down the shaft. Her lipstick acted like some kind of sealant between her lips and Officer Moore's cockskin. The harder she sucked the harder he became to a point where it felt as if his cock would explode with a volcano of sperm. She used her teeth to nibble gently at his sensitised head as if it was some delicate, tangy tropical fruit. Cooperating with her willing lips, her long red nailed fingers gently squeezed Norman's cock, and in long slow strokes that exactly opposed the sucking of her mouth, masturbated his throbbing penis to the brink of destruction.

Norman Moore was not at this point human. He was convinced he was nothing but a huge dick. He had no arms, no legs, no head just a huge big dick whose only purpose was to come and come and come some more. His whole body was on automatic.

It was not surprising then that he didn't quite feel Louisa slip a handcuff over his wrist and around the window frame. He didn't even recognise the sensation of metal on skin as she did likewise to the other arm. And he just felt that she was stroking his legs as she fastened his ankles to the opposite window frame. She continued her ministrations bringing him many times to the brink of orgasm in a manner designed to destroy what little brains cells remained unscathed of rampant desire.

And then she stopped.

It took Officer Moore quite some minutes to acknowledge his predicament. When he came to his full senses and committed the obligatory wrenching of his bonds Louisa couldn't help but laugh.

'How's it feel big boy?'

'You fucking bitch let me out of here do you know the trouble you'll be in.'

'Let's not talk about how much trouble I'm going to be in with you in that position Officer Norman Moore. What would the Chief say? What would the wife say? So let's not talk about how much trouble I'm going to be in.'

Louisa twiddled with the truncheon that had most recently spent quite sometime being intimate with her. One end was still soaked with her juices. The aroma was intoxicatingly erotic.

'Hmmm smells good wanna a sniff?'

Louisa stuck the stick under the distressed Officer's nose. He shook his head from side to side to try and avoid smelling the fruits of his labors.

'You've got two choices Norman. Either you suck on this stick or I make you suck on your gun. Which is it going to be big boy? Name your poison.'

Norman looked horrified at Louisa. She was twiddling his trusty .357 magnum around her fingers like a gun slinger of old. He hoped to God she hadn't taken the safety off. Norman didn't want to die like this.

'Come on spit it out which do you want to suck on?'

'The stick.'

'Come on louder I can't hear you.'

'The stick.'

'Good choice it tastes better.'

Louisa forced the truncheon into Norman's mouth making him gag.

'What's the matter Norman never sucked a cock before?'

Norman coughed and spluttered. He hoped desperately that this nightmare was going to end soon.

'Lick it good Norman. Get it good and wet it has to be really wet.'

Norman slurped on the stick tasting Louisa's juices at the back of his throat.

'Well look at that Norman you like giving head. Your dick is all hard.'

Louisa flicked sharply at Norman's cock. It slapped back at his stomach.

'Well I think that's wet enough you can stop now.'

Louisa pulled out the saliva covered truncheon and examined it closely.

'You know Norman you are an asshole. You thought you could rape me and teach me a big lesson about how to behave with the big boys. Well let me tell you Norman I've played with bigger boys than you you ain't even in my league. You're just an asshole and you know judging by how hard you got sucking on that stick maybe your gay, Norman. Are you? Are you a fag? Not sure well there's one sure way to find out if you are.'

And with a swiftness that gave Norman no time to contemplate his fate Louisa took the truncheon and rammed it full force into Officer Norman Moore's asshole.

Norman Moore let out a scream worthy of Henry II's hot poker induced death bed ejaculation. Norman was still whimpering as Louisa got out of the car and headed to her awaiting Mustang. She straightened her clothes in quite a business like fashion, and hesitated before getting in her car. She'd planned on letting the electronics workers find Norman tomorrow morning, but she suddenly had a much better more wicked idea. The bastard deserved it...

Walking back to the police cruiser she peered in to see Norman grimacing in pain as he tried desperately not to drive the truncheon deeper into his violated anus. He whimpered at her in a sorry attempt at eliciting compassion. Louisa was not in the mood. She picked up the car's radio headset and depressed the talk switch.

'Car 774 Officer down repeat car 774 Officer down.'

She turned off the microphone and stared into Norman's horrified face. Having just delivered the universal police code for officer in distress, the area would be swarming with police, ambulance and press in minutes. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology developed in the very buildings surrounding the Pumping Station, the emergency call would be easily traced to the parking lot location. She didn't have much time to lose.

'See ya Norman it was fun we'll have to do it again sometime.'

Norman just groaned and closed his eyes in utter humiliation.

It was time to go home. Tonight Louisa would sleep well. She couldn't help but laugh at what had transpired. She'd had a lousy night at work and assaulted a police officer and technically was raped as a consequence. But she didn't quite see it that way. And somehow, she smiled, neither did Officer Norman Moore.

As Louisa steered the Mustang away from the parking lot and into the Silicon Valley night, her hysterical laughter mingled with the distant wail of the many sirens rushing to Norman's aid.

It was not music to Norman's ears...


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