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The Blue Moon Erotic Reader II chose a selection from The City of One Night Stands for it's best-of collection. One Night Stands is one of my favorites, fun erotica books. The section chosen for the Blue Moon Collection was 8pm - An Alley Behind The Rox-Bomb Nightclub on Sunset Blvd that tells the story of Cassandra - a legendary groupie and how she secured a backstage pass to the Momma's Nails concert. The Reader also contains some great selections from Michael Perkins, Ray Gordon, M. Orlando and Anne-Marie Villefranche. As a bonus good bit you get another selection from The City of One Nights Stands that follows on from the chance encounter described in its goodbit. This is from Midnight at Malibu Beach and tells what happened next to uber-lawyer Marlene Neumann in her dealings with Hollywood mogul and mega-letch Neil Waslinger.

Midnight - Malibu Beach

Neil Waslinger patted Marlene Neumann on her taut bottom, lingering perhaps too long for comfort. There followed an uncomfortable silence during which Marlene debated her best course of action. She had been warned about 'Naughty Neil' by her colleagues, but it was not wise to anger a man so powerful that a word from him could ruin her chances of law firm partnership. She decided, quite figuratively, to turn the other cheek.

'Neil what would your wife say?'

Marlene turned her body so that her bottom slipped out of Neil's hand.

'Oh she'd probably want to watch...'

Marlene laughed a strained titter.

'I'm going to get some more champagne.'

'Fantastic idea and why don't I give you a tour of my humble abode here in the quaint seaside village of Malibu Beach.'

'That would be lovely. Lead the way.'

Neil Waslinger placed his firm tanned hand on the small of Marlene's back and steered her from the poolside area. Marlene hoped that she would see someone she knew, someone whose presence she could enlist as a buffer between her and her extremely wealthy, powerful and frisky client. As they worked their way past frolicking couples in and around the swimming pool Marlene began to think of evasive maneuvers. A headache wouldn't work Neil's reputation gave every indication that he wasn't the kind of man who worried about how the woman felt. 'That time of the month' was reputed to only excite him further like a great white shark enraged into a feeding frenzy. No none of the old standbys would work. She cursed herself for getting trapped in Neil's presence, especially after she'd been warned by the other women attorneys that had at one time or another had responsibility for the Waslinger Entertainment Agency account.

Neil Waslinger was Hollywood. He owned the town and owned its key players. It was a standing joke around the entertainment business that they may have very easily have replaced the big white 'HOLLYWOOD' letters on the hill with 'WASLINGER.' It would have only formalised what everyone already knew this was Neil's dominion and he ruled his empire with a steel dildo in a velvet condom. He was handsome and charming. Tall, tanned with silver gray hair athletic beyond his fifty five years of age. He was desirable there were worse people that Marlene could sleep or rather have sex with. This afternoon's romp with Shane for example, but at least with that encounter it was over and done with. She'd heard that somebody like Neil Waslinger didn't let go easily until he was tired and bored and by that time he'd have done his demanding damage. One of her closest friends had told her that Neil Waslinger was an attractive young woman's vampire desiring, chasing, ensnaring, enslaving, using and destroying the very beauty he craved.
And to make matters worse he owned, albeit very discreetly, the high profile law firm for which Marlene worked. Now just one year way from achieving the status of partner, she could not afford to anger this man whose vengeance supposedly knew no bounds.

Neil and Marlene, his hand still sliding all over her back and bottom made their way around the palatial twenty room mansion through numerous ornamental gardens until they reached a small area close to the roaring ocean. The walkway toward the beach was lined with anatomically correct white marble statues. Neil was obviously enjoying showing off the trappings of his wealth to Marlene. She tried hard not to be swayed by his Malibu Beach ostentatiousness.

'These statues are from Greece they represent male virility impressive, aren't they?'

'Beautiful they are so perfect.'

'Go ahead you can touch them feel the cool stone against your skin. It is reputed to make women swoon.'

'Really, and does it?'

'Touch it and see.'

Marlene cherished the opportunity to escape from Neil's confining hand. She walked up to the nearest statue and placed her hand on its chest, right between the breast bone. She held her palm pressed tight against the cold stone. It was smooth and comforting. She swore she could feel the distant murmur of a beating heart as if the statue was somehow alive.

'Are you swooning...?'

'No I'm afraid not you'll have to send them back they must be fakes.'

Marlene laughed. Neil appeared undeterred.

'I believe you are supposed to stroke the phallus. Legend has it that that is where the statue's source of internal energy is concentrated.'

Marlene didn't like the direction in which this conversation was going. One minute the statue the next Neil she could she his mind working overtime but there appeared to be now no way out of the predicament. And then there was the possibility that perhaps he would get off just watching her fondle the statue...

Marlene let her hands fall to the statue's genitals. She cupped the stone balls in one of her sweating palms and wrapped her long fingers around the shaft and squeezed the coolness tightly. The cock had been sculpted exquisitely. Every ridge and nuance had been faithfully reproduced she could almost feel it grow under her languorous touch.

Marlene practically fell over backwards as the statue's cock grew erect. The stone expanded under her touch to a steely hardness of mammoth proportions. She jumped back with a girlish squeal her demure black pleated skirt swirling upwards in the process, revealing to Neil her shapely long legs and the promised land not far beyond. Marlene's hand leapt to her mouth in a stifling expression of shock. She stared again at the statue and blinked to make sure it was not an optical illusion. No indeed it wasn't. There before her eyes was a raging twelve inch hard on where before a small stone penis had been. In her state of shock she failed to hear Neil Waslinger's raucous laughter. Finally, the peals of hilarity broke through her dazed confusion and she turned to face the source.

'What the hell?'

'Oh I apologise Marlene, but I couldn't resist. They are all fake. A friend of mine at SFX special effects studio built them for me cost a small fortune but the look on your face was worth every penny. '

'Neil - you - you '

'Oh come on now Marlene don't you feel just a little bit more comfortable now? You were so sure I was going to take you behind the bushes and have my wicked way with you. '

Marlene started laughing at her own embarrassment.

'Well there are stories...'

'Yes there are plenty of stories in Hollywood and most aren't true. So perhaps now we can be friends as well as business acquaintances?'

'Certainly. Of course I mean, I always thought we were.'

Marlene knew she was being apologetic without any real reason for her feeling so, but Neil Waslinger had made a career out of inducing such emotions in people. To stop herself from talking she turned her attention back to the statue that was now shrinking back to normal size.

'It is activated by your body heat. Temperature sensors pick up your warmth and heated hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cock. The stone like material has special thermal properties that cause it to become pliable and expand and presto a big hard on there for your pleasure as long as you keep supplying your lovely warmth. You should see these things on hot days all ten of them standing out at attention. Amazing isn't it? Quite like the real thing.'

'Yes really amazingly so.'

Marlene thought of Shane and how she'd ridden his engorged flesh with a lustful abandon just a few hours earlier. At the thought of her recent escapade her excited brain coaxed a small wetness to spread from her quivering thighs. She could still feel the swelling of Shane's dick within her. It was Neil's voice that interruped her musings.


Marlene was quick to respond.

'Oh Neil I'm sorry to have believed those stories. Please don't hold it against me.'

'Consider the matter forgotten Marlene. Let's start afresh. And now that you hopefully trust me not to maul you perhaps you would like to go up behind those bushes. I think you'll find the view totally spectacular.'


'Would I lie? I'll lead the way.'

'Please do.'

Marlene wasn't quite sure why she agreed to accompany this egotistical man whom just a few moments earlier she was in mortal dread of, but she felt she could not refuse as a matter of face. If she was to make partner in the law firm and command this man's respect she would have to appear in command self assured not flustered by a man's advances. Heaven knows she'd seen enough of that in her climb up the legal ladder now was not the time to shy away from the challenge. Why before she had been so afraid puzzled her. Neil Waslinger was just another man albeit a powerful one but he was a man and Marlene knew very well how to handle, manipulate and command the men around her. Acting like a scared school girl virgin just wouldn't do. And so she agreed, her confidence buoyed and her defences temporarily relaxed by the levity of the statue's rise and her own amusing reactions.

Arm in arm Neil and Marlene made their way up a small grassy knoll to a bluff that overlooked the Malibu coastline. A stiff ocean breeze whistled up from the shore blowing Marlene's dress skywards. Struggling to keep her modesty, she secretly enjoyed the cool wind on her sex. The statue experience had titillated more than just her imagination. Her body had now begun to acknowledge the delight she inwardly felt at the thought of her bringing an inanimate statue to full erection with the warmth of her caress. The cool ocean wind soothed those lustful feelings that she felt best belonged under control. One mistake today was enough.

Neil stood behind her his hand once more cradling the small of her back. He pointed out the magical sights.

'The beach below is all mine. The yacht to the right of the small boat anchored to the pier is mine she sleeps ten comfortably. You'll have to join me on one of my fishing trips to Mexico. It is the most relaxing way to forget all of the insane demands of this town. Far to the south you can see the lights of Santa Monica, and beyond that the occasional aeroplane taking off from LAX. I often come and sit up here throughout the night it is so refreshing so cathartic. I feel cleansed by my time here high above the ocean death just a footstep away I walk away from this place like some medieval knight ready to battle once more with the infidel hordes of the Sodom and Gomorrah of Hollywood and Burbank.'

Marlene turned to face Neil Waslinger. He stared out at the ocean oblivious to her gaze, perhaps enjoying a rare private moment. Marlene didn't interrupt, but faced the immense blackness herself. The ocean wind whipping more fervently at her clothing with increased determination. Neil's deep voice mingled with the roar.

'Marlene I think you'll find that you'll have much the same effect on me as you did on the statue but perhaps quicker more responsive.'

Marlene whirled around to see Neil Waslinger's cock protruding from his tuxedo trousers. Her eyes flashed from the immense head to Neil's face and back to his cock. He sensed her confusion.

'Yes you're right the dicks on the statues are modeled after my own and I was quite envious to see the way your long fingers caressed its apparent inertness into life. And when your dress fluttered up I could see that you wore no panties. I want you Marlene. I had intended not to approach you once I had my little joke with you but but I confess ulterior motives once I saw your nimble fingers at work. I could only think of having you do that to me. Here please coax my statue to life.'

Marlene backed away careful not to slip over the sheer two hundred foot drop to the swirling waters below. She knew exactly what to do. There was no more fear no trepidation just the exhilaration of being in control.

'You want to fuck - fine let's fuck. I'd love to ride that long hard dong of yours all the way up to my throat but let's not play silly mind fuck games o.k. We fuck tonight that's it. You don't owe me a thing and more importantly I don't owe you. If we enjoy it and want to fuck some more that's fine too but always on the same terms. Deal?'

Neil Waslinger, the master of negotiating the fortunes of superstars, was visibly shaken by Marlene's onslaught. He looked silly, standing there with his huge bulbous dick bobbing and twitching in the breeze.

'Is it a deal Neil or are you going to stand there like one of your statues on a cold day?'

Neil Waslinger seemed to regain some of his composure.

'Why Marlene I am impressed. You have fire and you have my word on it. No favours just fucking. Shall we shake on it?'

'But of course...'

And Neil offered his outstretched hand to Marlene who moved her own to accept his. Only just before contact she diverted her long fingers from his and wrapped them around the hardening shaft of Neil Waslinger's cock.

'I'd much rather shake this just so you know that should you go back on your word as a gentleman I swear I'll tear this club right off at its root and feed it to you for breakfast at the fanciest restaurant in Hollywood.'

'And I shall willingly eat it should I break our agreement. Marlene I love it when you talk so rough and dirty. Have no fear, fucking is first and foremost in my mind, and I won't interfere in your career one iota. It seems there is little I could do even if I wanted to. I must admit I underestimated you. You are every bit as good as they say.'


'Around town you're reputed to be quite the iron lady when it comes to striking a deal. I thought the stories to be exaggerated when I met you in person but now I see the real you. I like what I see.'

'Well that's nice. Now are we going to fuck or pay each other compliments all night long? Pretty soon your guests are going to wonder where you are and I'd prefer not to have an audience especially your wife.'

'Oh don't worry she's passed out drunk by now and no one else knows about this place but me. Let's fuck.'

Marlene marveled at how the purple headed monster in her hands writhed and squirmed between the caress of her fingers.

'I have to admit Neil I much prefer the real thing to the statue it throbs a lot better when I squeeze it like this.'

Marlene reached down to Neil's cock with her other hand, joining the one she had used to shake the immense knob. With all of her fingers she hefted the trunk like shaft with a firm squeeze. The mere thought of fucking this incredibly attractive and assertive young woman had caused Neil to stiffen as he talked to her, but now that her warm and nimble fingers toyed with his shaft he became rock hard just like the statue. Marlene stared into Neil's eyes and then at his straining penis and then back into his eyes a wry smile building on her face. Neil looked up at the sky and then down at the ocean. He spoke softly, his voice mingling with the sea breeze.

'I hate to bring up practicalities, but I don't have even so much as a blanket for us to lay on. As I mentioned I hadn't planned on being so lucky with you tonight.'

Marlene was not deterred.

'Not to worry Neil, I was planning on being on top any way, so why don't we fuck right here right by the edge of the cliff.'

Neil spoke in staccato phrases as he anticipated the delights Marlene had to offer.

'How romantic just like the movies. Moonlight the ocean the cliff you all we need is an orchestra but wouldn't you prefer to make love a little bit further away from the edge of the cliff? What might happen if I get so turned on by that tight cunt of yours and thrust you over the side?'

'Then at least I'll die with a smile on my face. Please please lie down. No no don't take off your jacket, or any of your clothes. I've always wanted to fuck a man in a tuxedo especially a man so well hung as you.'

'As you wish, Marlene.'

Neil Waslinger negotiated a small space amongst the sand and rocks where he lay on his back and held his mighty cock skyward pointing it at Marlene. Marlene stepped back to admire the monument and in preparation for mounting the giant staff she dropped her small shoulder purse from her arm, careful to activate the small tape recorder she always kept with her so that she could dictate letters and briefs while stuck in L.A. traffic. She never dreamed it would be used in this situation but she viewed it as just a little insurance to Neil's word as a 'gentleman.'

'So tell me Mr. Waslinger now that you've brought me up here to this deserted spot what do you want?'

As Marlene uttered the teasing words she swayed her hips from side to side gradually raising her skirt. Slowly, tantilisingly, Marlene raised the hem of her black full skirt past her knees, continuing at an ever slowing pace past her supremely erotic thighs to pause momentarily, hovering just slightly above the dark red reinforced band of her her red thigh high fishnet stockings. The delectable sight drew the desired response.

'You Marlene I want you you know I want you.'

'But you have me Neil I'm your lawyer I'm here to do what ever you want. And I do your bidding so well don't I?'

The skirt rose ever higher Marlene had decided against panties. After her late afternoon romp she had showered and felt the wantonness of her fucking glowing between her legs panties would have been so uncomfortable so she selected a long full skirt and only stockings. The wanton mood had rapidly disappeared once Marlene had been isolated by Neil Waslinger but now it had returned with a greater passion that the ocean breeze could not cool. Marlene was on fire with the idea that it was she making the conquest not Waslinger. She radiated sex her lusciously trim body silhouetted by the moonlight. By the light of the moon Neil could make out the outlines of Marlene's pubic hair the small tufts that descended from her cunt shining between her legs.

'Don't tease me Marlene. Come sit on my dick. Fuck me fuck me now before I knock you over the side of the cliff with the eruption of my load.'

Perfect thought Marlene perfect. She hoped the tape recorder caught every syllable of the implied threat. A good lawyer could do a lot with that and Marlene was the best.

'Are you sure your wife won't bother us?'

'I've told you once she's drunk passed out and doesn't care. Now fuck me with that pussy, Marlene. Stop talking and fuck me.'

'Like this - is this pleasing to you?'

Marlene had positioned herself, legs astride, towering directly over Neil Waslinger's oozing dick. Like a parachute she lifted the hem of her skirt to its fullest extent and let it drop as she lowered herself swiftly to perch on the trunk like shaft of Neil's cock. Pausing slightly she let her hips gyrate to and fro, causing her pussy lips to slide around Neil's quivering cockhead. He moaned deeply as the sensitised tip of his dick slipped over the hills and valleys of Marlene's sex. Slowly, deliberately, with a distinguished sense of the occasion, Marlene lowered herself to her knees sinking the swollen shaft deeply and deliciously within her. For the second time in one night she eased a mammoth cock inside of her. It was an exquisite feeling to be so full. She was still a little sore from her earlier exertions but the size within her knew nothing of that and the lust driving her brain couldn't have cared less about such a minor discomfort. Quickly she began to lubricate heavily soaking her warm thighs with a moisture that quickly eased what little discomfort there may have been.
Marlene's full black skirt completely shrouded their love making. Not even her trim ankles in their red fishnet stockings could be seen, and with Neil fully dressed in his tuxedo the whole scene took on a truly clandestine feeling for Marlene. It was as if they were at an expensive restaurant or perhaps the theatre, and the urge to fuck had overcome them. Without regard fully clothed they fucked with a wild passion made all the more intense by their formal dress.

Neil let Marlene do all of the work he just kept his magnificent maleness in its primed state every so often slightly adjusting his ass on the hard ground to keep the other areas of his body awake. Marlene was the kind of woman that intrigued Neil Waslinger. He amazed at the way she tossed her auburn curls back from her face and put her arms behind her head and rode him better than any high priced whore he'd ever purchased. The starlets that he fucked the friends' wives he'd had his way with business associates he'd tangled with his perpetually drunk and drugged wife who faked her orgasms all seemed to want him with his massive cock to be the ultimate stud. To get on top and pummel away while they rolled and screamed, 'Oh God Oh God you're so big.' He often felt like slapping then when they did and said that. Didn't they know he knew very well his size? He could tell Marlene wasn't like that. He admired the way that she had demanded the terms of their fucking as if she was negotiating a deal. And the way she fucked was even better. She enjoyed his sex for her sake with little regard for anything else. With all the poseurs in Hollywood, Marlene Neumann was a breath of fresh air the real thing.
Marlene used her legs to raise and lower herself along the full length of Neil's penis. Savouring every millimeter of skin every small bump and ridge every bulging vein she could feel through her cunt walls every detail as the turgid member filled her to her capacity. With a squeeze of her downy thighs she could make Neil's cock twitch and pulse and with every spasm of his dong it seemed to fill her further expanding her strained cunt beyond its already stretched capacity.

At the height of the stroke of her legs she felt her release start. It began like the breaking of the waves below almost hanging in suspension before cresting on the shore. She stopped her movement and held herself impaled on the head of the twitching member. Feeling her thighs quiver she lifted her dress higher and higher exposing her sex to Neil exposing the over heating cunt to the night air. Higher and higher she lifted her skirt pulling it into her mouth and holding it there with her teeth, stifling the scream she wanted to emit. Her hands tore at her hair as she plunged downward, plummeting like a rock falling to the ocean below, she descended the length of Neil's cock swiftly and mercilessly. Neil gasped with the slap of the violence of the impact of Marlene's thighs upon his body. The way the inside of her sex crashed into his cockhead, smashing the sensitive tip, brought Neil an agony he'd rarely felt. Marlene, lost to the throes of orgasm, was unaware of his discomfort. She ground her ass into Neil's thighs willing his cock to penetrate her body. It was then that he came the tip of his cock smashed tightly against the entrance to her womb ground against her lust engorged flesh in tiny smearing circles as she pressed her body into his. His orgasm had nowhere to go it felt as if his mighty instrument would explode under the pressure that he felt. Slowly with great relief it found its way out of the compressed slit oozing into every small nook and cranny of Marlene's cunt few that there were with his giant dick occupying her so fully. The effect was to prolong his release as it was to intensify hers.

They were disturbed in their respite from the exertions of furtive sex by the moans and screams of what sounded like a young woman. Neil with his eyes closed first thought that it might be Marlene but upon opening them he realised that it was coming from the garden and the statue area. Marlene was still astride his cock eyes closed her skirt had fallen from her mouth her hair was blown back her arms were listless at her sides she appeared asleep, held up purely by the remaining stiffness of Neil's cock inside of her.

Shortly, the wild screams emanating from the garden reached her sex racked brain disturbing her restful peace.

'It seems someone has found the statues.'

'Indeed shall we explore?'

'You go ahead I want to stay here a while and compose myself. I'd like to enjoy the view.'

'By all means please take as much time as you like.'

Neil did his best to dust himself off and turned to leave the scene. He paused as if thinking of what to say.

'Marlene - I - I - I - would like to make love to you again on whatever terms you desire. No strings attached.'

'Certainly Neil certainly. No strings attached. It would be my pleasure.'

As he walked away Marlene turned off the tape recorder in her purse, reached for her hairbrush and sat staring out at the calming ocean, her shaky hands combing the tangles out of her hair. In the background she could still hear the screams of a young woman mingling with the sounds of the ocean, like some strange form of nocturnal seagull searching for scraps of food.

The source of the screams and moans was none other than Tawny Peters who had been lead to Neil's party by Otto Verge. 'Lead' was the appropriate term for they emerged from Otto's limousine Otto, first followed by Tawny. Attached to the large brass ring hanging between her breasts was a six foot length of chain which Otto held tightly. He was dressed in the stereotypical movie mogul garb of riding breeches, high leather boots, white silk shirt and his monocle firmly lodged in his left eye. Tawny was dressed as she had been required to do by Otto earlier in the evening except he had given her the dignity of a leather face mask from which her lovely mop of blonde hair fell in an arranged show of innocence.

They had caused quite a stir walking around Otto greeting friends and business associates. Tawny always staying the full length of chain behind him talking to no one even when they fondled her exposed parts. Otto's instructions had been explicit acknowledge no one even if they ask questions of you let anyone I give my permission to do anything to you. This is your coming out party my dear Mistress Tawny and tonight you will do a lot of coming. Tawny played her part well, even when a couple she thought she recognised the man from an old television show and the woman was an older, heavily made up Beverly Hills tart who just might have been a transvestite, started sucking on Tawny's exposed nipples much to Otto's glee. The 'odd couple' were quite inebriated and offered all manner of payments if they could borrow Tawny for a night. Otto pretended to consider the offer but much to Tawny's relief refused. It was after this encounter that Otto had promised her something special it was the statues.

Otto had fondled one of the statue's cocks until it had hardened to its Neil like length and girth. Still holding Tawny by the chain he instructed her to remove her panties and mount the statue. It was by far the largest object Tawny had ever taken inside her young cunt and it hurt considerably to slide up and down the pole. Otto had Tawny wrap her legs around the statue, holding herself to it with her arms wrapped around its neck. For added support Otto used his not too small cock firmly placed up Tawny's bottom. Tugging backwards on the chain Otto fucked Tawny in the rear as she ground her sensitive cunt onto the fake stone penis of the fake statue. The hotter she got the harder the fake stone cock became until Tawny could not stand the dual entry any further. It was under such penetrations that she started to shake so violently with every thrust of Otto's dick up her arse.

'You are such a lucky girl Mistress Tawny,' Otto hissed warmly in her ear. 'Twice in one night to be violated on such exquisite toys as The Horse and Neil's virility statues.'

A scream was all Tawny could manage in reply.

It was then that Neil Waslinger, fresh from his own prurient pursuits, happened onto the scene.

'Otto Verge what are you doing to that poor girl and my statue?'

'What does it look like Neil I'm fucking her up the bottom while she grinds on your monuments to your ego. Would you care to sample Mistress Tawny's delights she has the tightest boxes in both directions that I have ever sampled. Be my guest.'

'Oh no thanks Otto. I'd better get back to the party I just wanted to see what all the commotion was about.'

Otto continued thrusting into Tawny's bottom. Tawny acted completely oblivious to Neil Waslinger, content to ram her clitoris against the marble pubis of the fake statue. Otto conversed with Neil as if he were performing a menial task such as gardening or house cleaning.

'Suit yourself but we must do lunch next week I have to talk to you about my next picture.'

'O.k. Otto call me we'll do lunch. Bye for now Otto Mistress Tawny.'

'Say au revoir to the nice Mr Waslinger, Tawny. I'm sure he'll want to meet you again sometime. Especially since you've got pussy slime all over his nice clean statue.'

It was all Tawny could do to scream an attempt at a farewell greeting to the retreating Neil Waslinger. The pain in her lower extremities was excruciating, but it seemed worse if she stopped, so she kept pumping as hard as she could. She wished for the statue to show some emotion perhaps just a smile to show a sign of recognition of her lustful craving. With this as a goal she banged her tender body hard against the stone threatening to do herself and the statue considerable harm.

Marlene Neumann, from her vantage point behind the bushes, watched the scene in the garden grotto with a keen sense of amusement and fascination. Sex, she concluded, probably shouldn't be a spectator sport especially the kind of sex that unfolded before her eyes. It was almost too comical to watch, like two dogs maniacally fucking on a street corner, oblivious to all the passers by doing their very best not to notice nature at work. The thought brought Marlene back to the reason why she was secluded behind the bushes. Before making her move back to the party, Marlene was waiting for the wet spot in her skirt to dry that she'd caused by biting through the material. In the throes of rapture she'd torn a small hole in the expensive garment with her teeth but she was sure that in the state that most guests were in, no one would notice. Marlene was also sure she could sneak past the fornicating couple of Tawny and Otto without being noticed. They seemed somewhat preoccupied. It was important to Marlene not to be thought of as Neil Waslinger's mistress, so she wanted to avoid the fucking couple possibly putting two and two together and coming up with twelve inches of Neil's cock up her cunt.

Marlene need hardly have worried. Otto's eyes were riveted to the sight of his girth forcing wide Tawny's bottom and his thighs slapping into the creamy flesh of her leather strapped buttocks. He watched the scene with the slow motion detachment of a gifted movie director, ever watchful for the perfect angle for that sublimely surrealistic shot. Tawny's eyes were closed. She had long since stopped being aware of anything other than her clitoris. She had tried desperately to focus on that intense pleasure she felt there so as to avoid the pain that she felt in her cunt and in her ass. It helped to close her eyes and think of her little bud of flesh being pressed so tightly by her thrusts against the statue. To dream of nothing other than how her body was dissolving into her clitoris slowly and surely with every painful thrust one small iota of her being dripped from between her legs around the surprisingly real dildo and down her long silky thighs to be absorbed by her stockings as if she was melting with desire.

Otto began to come in her ass. She felt the warm liquid squirt upwards and inside her jolting her body even more forward. Otto followed her form with an almighty shove of his stubby legs as if he wished to push his orgasming weapon through her body and into the statue. The combined force of his thrust with their body weights over balanced the statue. It teetered backwards and then forwards threatening to fall on top of the still copulating couple but one more of Otto's thrusts sent the statue reeling backwards once more. This time there was no stopping the statue's tumble as the combined sexual excess of Otto and Mistress Tawny sent it crashing to the ground with the couple still fucking as the statue hit the grass of the ornate garden.

Remarkably the statue didn't shatter, but the expandable penis was torn of by the force of the impact as Otto's fucking of Tawny caused their frenzied bodies to roll to the statue's side. The shaft remained stuck in Tawny's cunt rapidly shrinking as it lost its hydraulic pressure. Otto remained up Tawny's ass his cock doing a much better job of staying stiff under the taught constriction of the young girl's anus. The statue lay on its back a gaping hole in it's pubis shooting a fountain of hydraulic fluid skyward. From the corner of her eye Tawny watched the fountain spurt a few times and gradually subside to a slow trickle. Perhaps it was the fact that her face was pressed to the ground by Otto's body thereby distorting her vision, but she was sure that the statue was finally smiling. Somehow, the thought pleased the subjugated Tawny immensely.

'Sydney Nats how do you do? I thought you were on your way to England and who do we have here?'

Neil Waslinger had started to address Sydney but had been riveted by Kimberly Duke's stunning presence. He was unabashedly leering at her tanned breasts and long legs that in her cowboy boots brought her eyes threateningly close to his own.

'Neil Waslinger - Kimberly Duke.'

'I'm charmed Kimberly.'

'Mr Waslinger.'

'Please call me Neil - champagne?'

'Why thank you.'

'I thought you'd like to meet Kimberly. She'll be signing with Rose Entertainment tomorrow. Modeling dancing acting exclusively, but I thought perhaps you'd like a crack at her before we signed. It came up all of a sudden so I had to cancel my flight. I hope you don't mind the intrusion at your party, but we just had to celebrate and this is the place.'

Neil Waslinger hadn't taken his eyes off of Kimberly Duke all through Sydney's speech. Neil's fucking by Marlene had primed his vulnerability for this stunning beauty. Her long blonde hair was tousled by the wind and her eyelids fluttered in a most come hither manner. Something inside of him told him that this was possibly the next Marilyn Monroe. He was damned if Rose was going to get her. Neil knew it was all a ploy by Sydney, but he couldn't have cared less he had to have her in every possible way carnally and professionally. Typical of the attention span of entertainment industry executives, all thought of his recent tryst with Marlene went right out of the ornate french windows as a new object of desire appeared before him.

'I don't mind at all and yes I'd like a crack at her. My dear would you care to talk a little business?'

'Why Mr Waslinger - Neil - I really don't know what to say.'

Sydney jumped in.

'I think we can say the standard plus ten...'

'Sydney please stow if for a short while. I'd like to take Miss Duke on a tour of my estate on her own get to know her. If I'm interested we can strike a deal tonight terms to be discussed later. Is that acceptable to you my dear?'

'Why yes, Sydney?'

'Fine by me. Enjoy the tour.'

Neil Waslinger held his cocked arm out for Kimberly to take. She daintily accepted.

'Where shall we start how about with the house and then I'd love to show you my statues they're from Greece you know...'

Sydney smiled to himself as the two walked away. Things were going right according to his impromptu plan. He'd quickly schooled Kimberly in what would happen once he'd spun his fanciful yarn to the willing ears of Neil Waslinger. Sydney's investigations of Neil that Sydney had done in preparing for the week of negotiations had revealed Neil's weakness for emotionally strong, stunningly pretty women. It was common knowledge in Hollywood that Neil grew quickly tired of bimbos, so Sydney had rapidly prepared a plan for Kimberly and him to follow. It was not too hard to script... Once hooked by Kimberly's natural assets and the thought that another agency might snatch her up, Neil couldn't allow himself the chance of a missed opportunity. It would be just a matter of time before Waslinger would make a pass Kimberly was to string him along not to give in she could kiss him even let him fondle her a small amount then Sydney would find them act somewhat indignant play hardball and negotiate Kimberly a contract and then she'd be on the road to The Bigtime and could fuck whomever she wanted, and Sydney would make a quick and easy ten percent. For all his power Neil Waslinger was very predictable he always wanted badly what he couldn't have, and that made him quite an easy mark for someone of Sydney's capabilities.

Sydney's reverie was disturbed by an all too familiar voice.

'Mr Nats I thought you couldn't make it?'

'Ms Neumann something urgent came up so I re scheduled my flight. You've torn your dress.'

Fuck, thought Marlene trust him to notice right away. She thought fast.

'I went for a walk on the cliffs to look at the ocean and caught it on some brambles. Such a shame but the view was worth it. But tell me what could be so urgent that you'd miss your flight?'

Marlene fancied attack was the best form of defense. Sydney was in no mood to tip his hand to Waslinger's attorney so he decided to be coy.

'Oh I just thought Neil might be interested in a new client of mine. He's giving her a tour of the place right now. Wants to sign her I think.'

'Really? He didn't mention anything to me about a new signing.'

'Oh it just came up spur of the moment.'

'Where are they? I'd like to meet this client of yours.'

'Neil said he was going to show her some statues do you know where that is?'

'Do I! Why don't we go and find them, Mr Nats. Follow me I think the grotto is this way.'

Marlene kept telling herself she wasn't jealous. After all, it had been she that had insisted on the no strings policy, but she was curious as to whether Neil was so insatiable as to want another woman just moments after he'd fucked her. Jealous no curious most defintely yes. Sydney noticed her preoccupation and tried small talk to bring her back to the here and now.

'Call me Sydney, Marlene.'

'Sydney it is.'

Marlene didn't realise how true those last were words were going to turn out to be as she and her Australian counterpart made their way passed drunken boring people droning on and on about their latest projects, through darkened rooms where drunken fornicating groups of arms, legs, buttocks and other body parts resembled something out of a movie about Roman decadence. Finally they reached the grotto and the statues.
Marlene tried not to appear shocked.

Sydney had to work hard not to burst out laughing.

The grotto was a cornucopia of body parts, broken statues and lust gone wild. It seems that Neil had gotten quite angry about Otto's abuse of Neil's statues and a heated argument had ensued. This attracted quite a crowd who quickly discovered the anatomically correct nature of the objects and a frenzy of statue abuse had resulted. Kimberly had done her best to soothe Neil with her special talents, and in the process Neil had become thoroughly captivated by the tall Texas beauty. To be precise, the captivating occurred inside a small gazebo just out of sight of the grotto. Sydney and Marlene had stumbled on Neil and Kimberly quite by accident as they made their way passed the orgy scene in the grotto. Marlene had been righteously huffed. Sydney was apparently indignant. Neil was overly apologetic. And Kimberly was justifiably pleased with herself.

After the obligatory exchange of words, Marlene and Sydney had wandered off thinking that perhaps they were the only sane people left in Los Angeles. They joked, arm in arm, about the weird lifestyles and bizarre characters they'd encountered. Much of the tension between them rapidly dissolved as they realised that they had much more in common than they could possibly have hoped for. For the past week Marlene and Sydney had been legal adversaries, and neither of them had given the slightest thought to the chemistry that had developed between them. They were ideal for each other, and like so many people in such situations, they had done their very best to ignore the obvious. It had taken the rolling waves and the windswept cliffs to make them realise that they were crazy about each other.

When all was said and done, Kimberly Duke had quite a lucrative contract and a permanent place to stay at the Waslinger Estate as a 'dance instructor' for the Waslinger brats; Otto Verge had promised to reimburse Neil Waslinger for his statues as long as Otto could buy several more as presents for Tawny and as long as Otto promised not to sue Neil for assault; Archie Steele had come in the hot tub, drunk himself silly and drowned amidst the bubbling waters thereby assuring himself of legendary stardom status and substantial revenues for his ex wives from the re release of all of his old movies; and Marlene and Sydney had gone for a walk along the cliffs to look at the view from behind the bushes and Marlene had 'torn' her skirt again.

Just another party on just another night in the City Of One Night Stands...


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