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And here's what Nexus said about Cocktails...

"The title (and the brazen waitress on the book's cover) tell you all you need to know about the style of this book. Subtle it isn't. There's even a Korean character named Phuc Yu. And the sex scenes are just as up front, if you'll pardon the expression. The book tells the various stories of the staff and customers of a cocktail bar in Silicon Valley. As the waitresses don't wear very much, the manager has access to closed circuit video that fils every part of the premises, the customers tend to be looking for a good time, and everyone is sex-mad, every story turns into a detailed description of orgiastic behavior. ... Stanley just likes writing books about sex..." And here's a sample ...


The S C R E W D R I V E R

1 1/2 oz. Vodka
5 oz. Orange Juice (Preferably Fresh)

Pour into highball glass over ice cubes and stir well

CHAPTER EIGHT The Screwdriver



Kerry was a little worried that she was dressed too casually for her debut at a high tech high flyer party. She hadn't intended to go out this evening so she'd gone to work in her old sweater, leggings and cowboy boots. In the lift on the way up to the penthouse suite she'd taken the time to add a little make up to accent her naturally pretty features. With a quick brush of her auburn hair she peered into the lift's shiny doors and gave herself a quick boost of confidence.

'You'll have to do Kerry Farnum.'

She wasn't quite sure what to expect of this party, but she kept telling herself that she'd stay no more than half an hour an hour tops. Bob would be waiting for her. She paused at the door. It didn't sound too noisy, but she could hear a little laughter and what sounded like opera. She knocked on the door and waited. No on came the laughter continued an aria was reaching its climax. Again she knocked. Muffled through the sound of a very solid door she heard
Mr Yu's unmistakable tones.

'Coming,' followed by quite a bit of giggling.

Mr Yu opened the door startling Kerry. She just wasn't prepared to see her host and prospective employer open the door with a glass of champagne in one hand, a towel in the other, dressed only in the shortest of Japanese silk robes.

'Ah welcome Kerry so glad you could join us. Have some champagne.'

He handed Kerry the glass which she took hesitantly. As he shut the door behind her and chained it shut she felt obliged to offer her apologies for disturbing him. It appeared as if he were ready for bed.

'I'm sorry if I'm late, or if I'm disturbing you, but...'

'Not at all. We were just taking a jacuzzi and admiring the view of my prospective kingdom. Won't you join us?'

'Oh I don't have a bathing suit with me.'

'Not to worry we can accommodate you.'

What that exactly meant caused Kerry no small concern as she followed the Korean into the suite. Her concern was amplified by a brief flutter of Mr Yu's light silk robe as he turned to lead her to the jacuzzi. She hoped it was his leg that she caught a glimpse of. It had to be his leg. No one has a willy that big she kept telling herself as she followed Yu into the splendour of the suite.

'Wow!' Immediately that she had uttered the superfluous superlative, Kerry felt slightly stupid. In her defence, even the most experienced of commentators or jaded of travelers would have been at a loss for words when confronted with the sight of the Regency penthouse suite.

The room was mostly dark except for the ambient lights of the Valley and a few well placed candles. Some tragic Italian opera reverberated around the room. Floor to ceiling windows over twenty feet tall arched almost a full three hundred and sixty degrees around the suite revealing a twinkling wonderland of lights that was the high tech playground of Silicon Valley. Far in the distance lay San Francisco, with all of its diversity and perversity, shimmering like a far off jewel. Kerry, like a small child peering hopefully in a toy store window at Christmas time, walked to the center window and pressed her hands and face to the glass. Mesmerised, she stared at everything, not really seeing anything but a blur of sensory overload.

It was a loud splash heard somewhere between a lull in the sopranos agonizing and the rising of the heart stretching strings of the orchestra that disturbed Kerry's silent musings. Quickly she turned around to see that center stage of the room was occupied by a huge circular sunken jacuzzi barely illuminated by hanging candelabras. The impression was one of Roman decadence. From her vantage point at the windows she could barely make out three smiling faces staring at her.

'It is rather breath taking isn't it?' The voice was Janet's.

'I've lived here all my life I never really realised how beautiful...'

'Yes it is isn't it.' This time it was Phuc Yu.

'Come on in Kerry the water's fine.' Hazel was ebullient.

Kerry advanced on the jacuzzi sipping her champagne as she went. Her cowboy boots clicked sensually on the marble floor.

'Where shall I get changed?' Kerry felt bold about her presence in the room and the prospect of entering the jacuzzi. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered where the other guests were, but the sights and sounds surrounding her made all concerns pale in comparison.

'My dear we have no bathing suits. We are naked under the water, but have no fear in the cloak of darkness your modesty will be protected.'

'Oh I'm not worried...'

Kerry couldn't believe her mouth. She didn't really want to take off her clothes in front of Phuc Yu, let alone Hazel and her wandering hands and her friend Janet, but her inhibitions seemed so childish, so meaningless in these surroundings. A part of her brain kept yelling that Bob was no where near to protect her, so be careful. Bob Bob oh yes she was supposed to see him this evening, but all thoughts of her commitment to him seemed to fall away with her panties as they dropped to the cool marble floor like a falling leaf commemorating the end of summer. Without further ceremony she stepped naked into the hot bubbling water.

'Indeed, quite beautiful.' Yu was deliberately ambiguous.

'Yes the view is overwhelming.' Kerry sat opposite Yu and adjacent to Janet and Hazel. She shrank down into the water to cover her breasts from anyone's gaze. Kerry couldn't help but notice that Hazel's tits floated on the surface and were bounced around by the hot water jets. The sight of the milky white globes dancing like some drunken deep sea creatures was repulsively hypnotic to Kerry. It was Janet who thankfully broke the spell.

'More champagne, Kerry?'

'Oh certainly.' Janet was standing intimately close to Kerry as she poured the champagne. Their legs brushed. Kerry pretended not to notice the feeling of flesh on flesh, skin on skin.

Phuc Yu began to pontificate.

'Kerry my dear, I must propose a toast. A toast to Silicon Valley and its beauty. The beauty of the money to be made here, and the beauty of its women.'
The clink of champagne glasses could hardly be heard over the bubbling water and the opera.

'Mr Yu is too modest to brag, Kerry, but as of today he owns a vast portion of those lights. Although not yet public knowledge, Mr Yu has purchased Integrated Machines, Levity Software, All Purpose Electronics and Floppy Devices with options on four other companies. I think we should toast the new King of Silicon Valley Phuc Yu.'

Janet and Hazel stood up to toast the Korean entrepreneur so without thinking Kerry followed suit. What a sight greeted the Oriental. Three women of varying degrees of beauty, completely naked, standing before him holding champagne glasses erect in his honour. This is what I work so hard for he told himself. Before him he could see the boyish small tits of his European assistant, the mammoth juggs (no other word would come to mind) of the plentiful American waitress and the pertness of the young Berkeley student's full breasts. And tantilisingly revealed by the varying level of the bubbling water he could see the silhouette's of their pubic mounds and their furry bushes outlined by the lights of his Valley and the flickering of the candles overhead.
Deep down below the water his huge cock stirred at the sight of these three eminently fuckable women toasting his achievements. As he stood to clink glasses with them his hardness broke forth from the water like some huge torpedo homing in on a defenceless ship. Kerry gasped at the sight of the monster not realising that she had taken the behemoth once inside her. The champagne dulled her sense of shock and heightened her curiosity. It was the largest cock she had ever seen. She began to wonder...

Little did she know that she already knew the answer.

And for his part, Phuc Yu had no idea that it was the delectable young student that he now desired so that he had pinioned behind the Pump's dumpster just a few days ago. He had slept heavily that night waking late of the afternoon the previous evening somewhat of a mystery. Even a cold and clammy used condom in his pocket didn't jog his alcohol and sex bashed memory into remembering the intimate details of the night before. And his Oriental reserve prevented him from asking the crude Mr Wize for the full story that the 'Ugly American' would no doubt readily convey, replete with grins, winks and nudges.

He had put the Sunday's escapades completely out of his mind and successfully closed the deals. And this now these three women were his reward. It was time, Yu reasoned, for the special part of his celebration to begin. By now it should be ready.

'Please sit down my lovelies. I have something special for you. Make yourself comfortable amongst the bubbles. Let the hot water ooze over you.'
Down amongst the hot water, her body once more hidden by the bubbling foam, Kerry glanced at Hazel who looked at Janet who looked at both of them with an air of expectancy. Mr Yu reached behind the taps of the jacuzzi to a small cabinet and retrieved an urn from which a pale smoke gradually escaped.

'I have for you a special gift from the Far East. It is very expensive and available to only the most privileged. In my hour of triumph here, I wish to share it with you. Please accept this delicacy with my compliments.'

From the urn he retrieved four long stemmed pipes and handed them to the three ladies, retaining one for himself.

'Please be careful not to get the pipe wet. We do not want the burning embers to be dampened. At your convenience please suck deeply on the pipe. Hold in the vapors. Let them permeate your very being. As the warmth flows through you, breath out. The pipe will last about thirty minutes, by which time we shall all be in a sensual heaven.'

Janet began inhaling right away. Hazel looked at Kerry, shrugged her shoulders and did likewise. Kerry looked up from the pipe to see Phuc staring at her as he consumed the pipe's contents. For a series of moments he did not break contact with her until he began to exhale. As he did so he closed his eyes and spoke as if residing in a far off place.

'You have nothing to fear my dear. Neither the pipe nor its contents will harm you. You will find a true peace an ecstasy that you can never know through any other means. Please join me there.'

'What is it?'

'It is an extremely rare form of opium. It is quite mild and certainly not addictive at this dosage. It is farmed only in a remote area of Thailand known to my
family and controlled by a small religious sect to which we belong. It's used on rare occasions to commemorate events of great importance. As I said before do not worry it is not addictive in small quantities, but I do warn you that you will experience pleasures that even your most personal of moments must pale in comparison to.'

Yu's warning served to excite and entice Kerry. She glanced around the jacuzzi. Both Janet and Hazel looked completely out of it. They had their arms around each other gently stroking each other's skin and hair as the pipe's smoke permeated their brains. Their eyes were closed, yet they appeared to be looking at each other with a deeper vision.

Opium - the word bounced around Kerry's mind and rolled around her mouth, drooling out of her lips, forming an ideal receptacle for the pipe she held in her hand. Apprehensively, Kerry touched the pipe to her lips but did not inhale. The vapours rose through the pipe without her assistance, titillating her throat. In reaction she breathed deep taking in a gulp of acrid smoke. It was not distasteful, but it was not truly pleasurable. Kerry had never been much of a dope smoker only twice during high school parties had she ever joined in. It had done nothing for her then, but this was not like that. The smoke stayed with her bringing a peace that only the dead should have the pleasure of knowing. Time stood still. She never even remembered taking another drag of the pipe. Instead of inhaling air she felt as if she was breathing constantly the smoke as if the air in the room had been replaced by the penetrating vapours.
The bubbles in the jacuzzi seemed to engulf her, encapsulating parts of her body, floating her above the jacuzzi and around the room. Her eyes perceived movement, like shadows in a darkened room that disappeared once looked at carefully. Her senses deceived her. She could not tell reality from the cotton wool that seemed to surround her swimming brain.

She was sure that she stepped out of the jacuzzi at Yu's invitation, taking his outstretched hand, but she could not swear to it. She was sure that Janet and Hazel swamped her in extremely soft towels drying her sodden skin, but she could have been mistaken. She was sure that she enjoyed the feeling of their muffled hands rubbing dry her pert breasts, and she was sure she even parted her legs ever so slightly so that Janet could stroke her pussy to dry it from the waters of the jacuzzi just so her cunt could get wet again this time from her own juices. But it could have been wishful thinking.

But it wasn't. The opium smoke the champagne the earlier cocktails and wine all mixed together in the bubbling cauldron of the jacuzzi, warmed by the lights of the Valley and stirred with four sexually charged bodies to create a potion guaranteed to conjure up a orgy of lustful excess.

After a festival of drying each other with large, soft and warm towels, Yu led the three women to a huge semi circular bed that looked out over the sprawling lights below. With his outstretched hand he invited the women to lie down on the bed. Janet guided Kerry into the middle of the bed and motioned for Hazel to take up a position flanking Kerry. Surrounded by female flesh that had already begun to explore the intimate details of her own throbbing sex, Kerry felt completely submissive, as if she was watching this orgy unfold from a distance. The swirling tones of the opera added to the illusion telling her hazy brain that this wasn't reality.

In unison both Hazel and Janet each took one of Kerry's breasts and began to lick the nipples with soft languorous strokes. It was as if Janet and Hazel divided Kerry's body down the middle like some gourmet delicacy and feasted on their respective portions. Hazel's and Janet's hands met on Kerry's pussy providing the placid girl with ten rhythmically massaging fingers. Together, their fingers would pressure and squeeze Kerry's clit while occasionally a lone finger would slide softly inside her quim, teasing and coaxing her juices deep from within.

To Kerry this felt like an extremely randy and nasty dream. It was as if she was floating above the Valley on a passing cloud, being fucked by naughty angels who just happened to be Janet and Hazel. At the very edge of the cloud, right above what she thought was the Pumping Station, floated a huge and angry dick belonging to the leering Mr Yu. Phuc stroked his cock in eager anticipation. As if speaking in slow motion, like a tape recorder with failing batteries, Phuc Yu moved his lips and Kerry thought she heard him ask, 'Is she ready for my tool?'

Janet took her finger from Kerry's quivering pussy and licked the full length of her cunt juice coated finger. ' Hmmmm she is ripe for the fucking.' Janet and Hazel reached out and took the club like cock of Mr Yu and guided it to Kerry's opening. For the second time in a just a few days, the massive cockhead forced its way into Kerry's tight cunt. This time, Kerry did not struggle but gladly accepted the dick within her, sliding her body down its mammoth length and gently squirming as her juices melted around the dick's throbbing shaft. Yu rocked backwards and forwards while Hazel and Janet squeezed each one of his pendulous hanging balls, actually providing the thrusts that fucked Kerry into obliviousness.

Something inside Kerry told her not to be completely submissive. Kerry's mouth sought Yu's lips but he resisted, preferring to see the three women kiss each other beneath him as he fucked the young cocktail waitress. Still, Hazel and Janet continued to fondle Kerry's breasts, pinching the tight little nipples into points for Yu to bite and snap at. In Kerry's mouth she could feel her own tongue being massaged by the enfolding tongues of Janet and Hazel. Lips encircled lips in an orgy of kissing, as Yu's gigantic cock threatened to burst through Kerry's ecstasy racked body and join the entwined tongues to be sucked as well as fucked.

As Yu's massive cock cycled through its pendulous journey in and out of Kerry's come drenched opening, her body was forced to and fro on the silky sheets of the huge bed. Janet and Hazel, surrounding the younger woman with their bodies, gripped Kerry's hips with their pubic mounds. As Yu fucked Kerry and she slid around, her hips rubbed the other women's cunts as she became an extension of Yu's gigantic dick. The effect he was having on the three women did not escape his all seeing eyes. The high it gave him to feel the power of fucking three women at once actually to be fucking them using one as a giant dildo attached to his already massive dong was a feeling of power even better than the charge he got from closing a deal.

In Yu's mind the two business and sex were almost identical. As he fucked Kerry, Janet and Hazel he glanced over his shoulder to see what he regarded as his domain, and he smiled a wicked grin. He had fucked the American companies with his ruthless competition, and now he fucked their women. Just as he had done some years ago in Europe in which Janet had become his personal assistant in charge of European operations, he wondered at what the future offered for the young engineering student in which his dick was readying to unleash its load of come. As he came Yu was thinking of all these things. Of the tight cunt in which he was squirting and his desire to possess the body and brain of its owner, just as he had taken control of the Valley's major companies.
Such complicated power trips were far from the minds of the women surrounding Yu's cock. As he arched his back in orgasm, Janet reached around and stroked the back of his balls with her finger, just below his anus. Yu emitted a small moan in perfect key with the rising opera music that was the orgy's unwitting soundtrack.

The throws of Yu's orgasm provided the catalyst that initiated Kerry's release. It began not in her pussy but in her breasts under the ministrations of Janet and Hazel's lips. Her nipples felt as if they were melting under the heat of the other women's breath. As the hot saliva of the two tit suckers dripped down Kerry's boobs, she began to come. She was convinced her tits were showering out come like ornamental fountains into the faces of Janet and Hazel. As Janet stroked Yu's balls, Hazel slipped her hand between Kerry's pussy and Yu's thrusting pelvis. Adding her own pressure to that of Yu's body, Hazel inserted the final critical energy into Kerry's near boiling cunt. In waves of rolling intensity Kerry was shocked by a feeling of total and unequivocal release. It was as if she had popped like a balloon with all of her juices flowing out of every exploded opening.

Kerry's come induced writhings sympathetically ignited first Hazel and then Janet. Kerry could feel their cunts oozing over her hips as they too joined in the communal climax. Together they bit hard on her tits as they released their pent up tensions over Kerry's hips. In wanton lust, Hazel had begun to hump Kerry's hip, slowly at first and then violently, threatening to destroy the intimate coupling of the four bodies with her thrashing motions. Gasping for breath, lying on her side, Hazel's large tits slumped onto Kerry's and covered the smaller woman's body. The sight of such large breasts moving beneath him gave Yu further desires. He had barely finished coming inside Kerry as he withdrew his dick and began to direct the next phase of his celebratory fuck.

Yu gave the women little time to rest. In their drugged state they really didn't need much of anything other than direction. To the come drenched Kerry, Janet and Hazel life seemed to be moving at half speed. The opera music slurred about the room their words stumbled into incoherence and their bodies felt like no effort was required to do anything. They were willing puppets of Yu's imagination and desires. He, being that much more used to the effects of the mild opium smoke, was definitely in control. There was no resistance or reluctance what so ever from the women as Yu motioned for Hazel to take Kerry's position in the middle, and for Kerry to take Hazel's place.

Phuc Yu was already hard from looking at the awaiting sight of Hazel's huge tits falling to the side of her chest. Now there were a pair of tits worthy of his dick. On none of his travels, and certainly not in his homeland of Korea had he ever had a really delicious tit fuck. Women had tried. He had tried. He'd even come a few times on several womens' tits, but it had never been as good as he'd imagined. Then he'd seen Hazel's breasts he'd stared at them thinking how good it would be to wrap them around his meat and jack off into her face. And now he had the opportunity to do just that.

From the bedside table he retrieved a bottle of hand cream courtesy of the Regency Hotel. The women paid him little attention satisfied enough to lazily touch each other's bodies in a slow dance of sexual patience. As Janet and Kerry made random finger motions on Hazel's boobs, Yu emptied the hand cream onto the tits. Quickly Kerry and Janet coated the expansive flesh with the slippery liquid. As if mounting one of his polo ponies, Yu leapt onto Hazel and straddled her waist with his legs. His throbbing boner slapped right between Hazel's tits and was caught between the globes as Kerry and Janet entrapped it between each tit by pushing the boob over and around Yu's dick, forming a cunt like tunnel for him to fuck.

Yu let out his trademark moan. 'Hmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm...'

Somewhere deep in Kerry's opium laced brain that sound registered as having been heard before somewhere but there were more pressing matters to attend to. The brain said 'later.' Kerry complied with her brain's request and concentrated on forcing Hazel's pliant flesh around Yu's hardness. Hazel's tit was doing it's best to escape from Kerry's grasp, so she found it best to use two hands to insure that the full length of Yu's cock was immersed in the soft warm tightness of milky white tit flesh. Janet was doing the same, having the time of her life squeezing the adorably huge tit of Hazel's around her darling Mr Yu's dick. This fucking was a cornucopia of minor sensations cascading into a massive overdose of sexual feelings. Every so often Janet's hand would graze Hazel's hardened nipple as she brushed touch with the delectable Kerry. Beneath the oozing breasts Janet and Kerry could feel the hard ridges of Yu's cock sliding back and forth, and Hazel's hips somewhat larger than Kerry's, bumped into their pubic mounds after each thrust of Yu's dick with a firm and exciting slap.

Hazel could see the purple swollen head of Yu's dick forcing its way with each stroke through the compress of her tits. As it burst through the supple barrier of Hazel's tits, the dick's skin was pulled back causing its slit to open and slimy liquid to ooze out and trickle down to join the lubricating mess of sweat and hand cream. If Yu thrust as hard as he could Hazel was able to flick the sensitive purple head with her fat tongue driving Phuc Yu into convulsions. On a few thrusts Hazel was able to get her lips attached to Yu's dick head sucking on him like a vampire desperate for blood. To Phuc it was like being fucked and sucked at the same time.

This was everything that Yu imagined fucking the big tits of the American cocktail waitress would be. He decided very early on into this tit fucking session that it was better than fucking cunts, for these tits were bigger than any cunt could ever be and just as tight as the tightest pussy he'd ever had. Under the urgent control of his helpmates Janet and Kerry, Hazel's tits gripped his full length like no cunt ever could. And it wasn't only his cock that was getting the full treatment. Under the pressure of his weight, Yu's balls were being squeezed against Hazel's stomach and subsequently between her tits, giving the bucking Korean the sensation that his gonads were being held in the tightest of grips. As he stroked his cock in and out of Hazel's tit trench, his balls slid up and down her rib cage to smear cream all over her stomach. His soggy pubic hairs left slimy little trails all over her belly that gradually worked their way down to Hazel's dark furry bush to mingle with her own rapidly approaching wetness.

Hazel was approaching oblivion. She moaned from deep within as if she was experiencing an extremely lewd dream, 'I want a good tit fucking. Feed my tits with your come, Phuc Yu. Grease me up like a stuck pig with that big dick of yours. Squirt on my titties please. I've never been tit fucked like this before. Such a big, big dick... '

Such filthy talk was too much for Yu to take given the sensations he was feeling. Half wishing it wouldn't happen just yet, and the rest of him screaming for release, he felt an eruption of come beginning to travel upward from the throbbing base of his cock. He stopped thrusting and forced Janet and Kerry to completely encapsulate his dick with Hazel's tits. To bring him off he motioned for the two women to squeeze his dick through Hazel's tits. He didn't last long as he came into the tight breast cavern, squirting copious amounts of semen into every nook and cranny. The pressure was too much to bear come squirted between Kerry's and Janet's hand's and all over the room, splattering even on the floor to ceiling windows.

To Yu if felt as if his dick had exploded, such was the force with his his orgasm had burst the fleshy seals of Hazel's tits. He collapsed off of her and on to the floor, writhing in exquisite agony. Janet and Kerry paid him little attention, content to feed each other with sticky little drops of his come that had stuck to their fingers. Hazel was sound asleep snoring ever so slightly. Looking into each other's eyes, Janet and Kerry continued to feed each other Yu's juices off of the slumbering Hazel's tits. It was an extremely decadent thing to do but it fit right in with the mood of the night. At that moment, under those circumstances, it was, in both their minds, the perfect thing to do.

As Hazel slept, Kerry and Janet fed on her tits like ravenous savages until every last drop of Yu's come had been eaten. They finished their feeding nose to nose, eye to eye, with their lips fastened on one of Hazel's nipples. They paused staring at each other's wild eyed gaze. Finally, Janet broke the silence of their heavy breathing.

'I want to fuck you.'

She spoke the words in her very proper English accent. No one could have refused her. Kerry didn't want to. Having sex with this petite and prim young Englishwoman seemed the wickedly erotic thing to do. With her boyish good looks and long blonde pony tail she carried an androgynous air about her that intrigued Kerry so. The opera was reaching a climax far above the hills the first rays of the morning's sun were peeking like a crazed voyeur into the room she wanted to feel this woman's mouth on her cunt, and she wanted to do likewise to her. It amazed her that before this night she had never done such a thing and now it seemed so natural. Perhaps Hazel had been right that first night at the Pumping Station...'

'And I want to fuck you.'

'Please, be my guest.'

Janet climbed over Hazel's slumbering form and pivoted completely around so that her head was facing the foot of the bed and Kerry's feet. She gripped Kerry's ankles and buried her face deep into the American girl's sodden bush. It tasted salty with sweat and spunk. Janet thrust her bottom into Kerry's face. Her odour was intense as Kerry stuck her tongue forward for Janet to fuck madly. Kerry reached around and held Janet tightly around the waist, pressing each of their bodies together. They rolled around bumping into Hazel, but not waking her. Their bodies became as one a blur of sex consuming sex with an intensity of passion rarely found. Neither woman remembered distinctly coming at any particular moment so much as always feeling like they were melting over each other's faces.

They dared not separate from each other lest the sensation stop. Long after they had finished actively tonguing each other they still remained locked in the classic position, sleeping soundly, their bodies racked from too much pleasure. Kerry was briefly disturbed at least she thought she was she might have been dreaming by the bed creaking under the weight of Phuc Yu pounding his dick into the sleeping Hazel's cunt. Kerry smiled and began to drift off back into a deep slumber scented by the imminent aroma of Janet's still dripping cunt. Before she was completely asleep her eyes focused on Phuc Yu's hands gripping the sleeping Hazel's shoulders to steady himself as he pounded away.

There was something very familiar about those pudgy fingers and those rings. Where had she seen those rings before? It was recently she was sure...
Her brain was tired of all this effort. It had exhausted itself this evening with too many new sensations. It didn't need a puzzle right now.
'Later,' said her slumbering consciousness. ' Much later.'

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