HAIR wall - what's Stan's latest hair color and see the changes over the years
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Stan's philosophy of hair is that it's just like an article of clothing - change it frequently or it smells. His hair has gone through more color and style changes than his idol, David Bowie.

Stan's latest style is blond and roots and spikey long, but he hsn't had time to post any images of that, so here's some from a few years back.
The latest do - purple-black - spikey long hair - photo by Cyn
New do Stan and Cyn - photo by Cyn's autotimer
new do Stan doing the rockstar thing - photo by Cyn New do Stan and shoe boxes from the Shuz weekend at the Mondrian - photo by Cyn silk shirt - new do - photo by Cyn More new do and shoe boxes - photo by Cyn

And speaking of from a few ywar's back - here's a selection of all his hair ch-ch-ch-changes throughout the years. Linger your mouse finger on the picture for the details...

Beautiful baby contest winner Stan plays with his prize - beakers - circa 1956 That is not a wig - it's Manic Panic firehouse red - 2001 - photo by Hottie Cyn Naughty Schoolboy Stan - circa 1962 Platinum Blond Rocket Scientist - circa 1998 A Flock Of Leopard - tiger striped  yellow and black - 2000 Tie_Dyed Red Head on 4th July 2001 at Hermosa Beach - photo by hottie Cyn Orange Big Hair - 2003 Photo by Pentax AutoTimer
Blond Highlights Rocket Scientist - 1992 Stan at Stanford - 1974 One Step Beyond Big Big Mohawk - 1986 Stan loses a bet and has to dye his hair brown and wear a Colorado Avalanche shirt all day - 2002 Stan and Cyn at the Cherry Blossom Ball - 2002 Stan at Hustler - orange fading to blond - 2003 Stan and Cyn at Las Vegas for a little (big) Pavarotti - 2003
Stan at Hustler reading Caning Able - spiky orange/red - 2003 - Photo by Cyn Sunflower haired Stan at Casa del Mar with flowers - photo by Cyn - 2002 Stan the video game programmer - 1983 Stan the rocket scientist - 1982 Stan and Cyn dance to members of Casino Royale with Deanna Luund looking on for Sex and the Sixties at Hustler - blonde flat hair - 60's rockstar look - 2003 - phto by Clay Epstein Magenta hair - Cristal champers - limo to Roxy Music - 2001 Spiky orange and purple - works shirt with hottie Cyn before a Hustler night - Going Down - 2002
pinko haired Stan in St. Petersburg sticking his tongue in a Russian Royal Beauty - off with his head - photo by Bob Selin Slicked back greasy office sex pervert - for Secretary promo at Hustler with Dita Von Teese - photo by Cyn Parrot head - red, green, blue, black and yellow , tangerine color coded to make a point against silly rules at a  rocket company - 1999 parrotboy from the side tennis ball yellow and orange at a Goth Fesyival in Germany rocket company ID - 2002 rocket red for rocket science award dinner - 2000
long and blond and a bottle of wine - 2002 windswept faded orange - photo by Cyn - 2003 infra red by Manic Panic - 2003 That 70's brown hair and clothes - 1975 magenta red at Covent Garden - photo by Cyn more of the parrot boy - 1999 washed out orange reflecting on life and hair colors - 2000
ornage and yellow hair in London - 2001 infra red manic panic before Mission UK show with Cyn Caning ABle reading - ornage with pink/purple tails - 2002 faded orange going to blonde and wine at Morro Bay - photo by Cyn parrot boy front and back - 1999 Stan "Rod Stewart" at One Step Beyond - 1988
Stan drunk at Fairmont - photo by Feargal Sharkey - many colors in long, big hair - 1987 16 year old Stan - 1972 Faded blond - fading eyesight - 2003 blond highlights and Cyn at Joe's in Venice - 2002 tennis ball yellow and no shirt (duh!) at Goth Festival in Germany - 2000 faded orange in spa tub - 2002
more parrot boy reflections - 1999 pinko-haired Stan and rocket scinetists and Russina driver and the rock and roll Lada in St. Petersburg - 1999 rocket science ID - 2002 Stan with Mig fighter pilot helmet over pinko hair on Aeroflot flight to Moscow - the crew were not amused - 1999 cricket playing - short brown/blond Stan - photo by Peter Ogden - 1988 radiation badge - 1977
blond highlights - big statue - Paris - 1992 Red hair wet - Luxor spa tub - 2003 Stan and teddy bear - 1962   Red hair Stan and gorgeous Cyn - 2003 rd hair and pimp hat - 2002 very normal blond/brown short hair big smile - 1991
The statue does not have shocking pink/red hair - 2000 St Petersburg, Russia - photo by Tom Wunderlich Tennis_ball_hair_Zeromancer on stage at Hildesheim Goth Music Festival - 2000 - photo by Tom Wunderlich The yellow-blond Madhatter Tea Party - 2002 - Photo by Cyn   Tennis Ball Yellow Head Stan and rocket scientist Bill Lynde at Hildesheim Goth Music Festival - 2000 yellow/purple hair and painted nails for Club MakeUp with Cyn - 2002 - Pentax Autotimer
blonde_faded_purple_Joe's_patio_photo_by_Cyn Stan - rd hair in his favorite place THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR STAN'S NEXT DO
"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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