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In keeping with Stan's renaissance punk attitude Stan has written travel, sex, human interest, humor, science, opinion and space articles. He tends to write for magazines reflecting his current living environment/situation/career goal. Click on the pages to read these diverse writings that obliquely tell Stan's journey through life and many towns and many careers.
Palm Springs Life is a glossy magazine covering - well - Life in Palm Springs and its surroundings. When the editor of Next Magazine moved to Palm Springs Life, so did I.
Accidental Nudist was a profile of the Terra Cotta Inn - a clothing optional resort - and yes -in the interests of journalistic integrity I did stay there - this is at the result - a humorous look at a couple's first stay at a nudie place.
Food For Thought profiled Tanya Petrovna and her Native Foods restaurants - vegan cuisine hoping to change the world one forkful at a time.
Next Magazine is a Desert Sun glossy monthly covering what's next in the Palm Springs area. I wrote for them while I lived in La Quinta trying to do the happy family writer-in-exile thing.
Chinese Chicken Salad began life as a history/survey of the restaurant mainstay, but I couldn't write a boring old food story so I used the angle that the Chinese Chicken Salad were a rock supergroup and spun the story from a music perspective. It "played" out well. Veggie In The Desert was a summary of the few eateries in the land of meat and potatoes that cater to non-carnivores, expanded to offer advice for dietary adventurers who want to take a walk on the green side.
The British Are Coming was an article "taylored" for my colonial background and Monty Python-influenced wit. It was the story of how the desert in the height of the summer heat has become a popular holiday destination for dreary weather weary Brits. I had a blast writing the article, even interviewing long-time desert dweller, Patrick Macnee of The Avengers fame. I got my day in the sun also, being used as the cover model and throughout the article. I was the only one crazy enough to done a suit, bowler and brolly in one-hundred plus heat! Apocalypse Not was my attempt to have a bit of fun with all the doomsayers predicting The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) as 1999 turned into 2000 by comparing the current hype yo what happened in Y1K. I wrote the article in November and it was published in February of the new century, and I was right - the world didn't end - on a global scale - but ironically - on a personal level there was much falling apart - at which - like Soft Cell says - there are many "skilled at the art of falling apart..."
American Way American Way is the inflight reading material on American Airlines - which was the favored carrier for travel by the rocket science company I worked for at the time - so naturally I sent American the results of spending much time on their planes.
Unto The Manor Born (Or Rented) grew out of extensive business travels in England. I spent many weeks on rocket science business at a wonderful country hotel - The Priory near Oxford. Apart from consuming much port and single malt while discussing the day's rocket mishaps, I learned that the Priory was listed in an amazing book - the Johnansen's Guide - which looks like the Merchant-Ivory film site selection bible. So - in between breaks from rockets I visited as many as I could and this article was the result. A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare was a result of being in Brazil to support satellite maneuvers. Our gracious hosts took us out to a typical Brazilian eatery, and it was more like being in a slaughterhouse. The experience, combined with watching the movie, Babe, helped turn me vegetarian, and this article resulted.
Easy Reader Easy Reader is a local beach paper for the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Every year they sponsor a contest aimed at finding the best local writing and photography. One year I won in the Public Interest category when glowing news coverage of a "sport" fisherman's killing of a shark really pissed me off.
Old Woman Murdered By Gang resulted from when I lived in a loft apartment overlooking Hermosa Beach and the ocean. I found myself torn between the beauty of the beach environment and the crappy way we humans treated it and the creatures who call it home. That angst resulted in this award-winning article and me moving away from the beach to the desert.
OMNI Magazine was a science fact/fiction magazine published by Penthouse magazine. I became a traveling spokesperson/editorial writer for Omni using my space industry cred to publicize the magazine and my causes - such as raising money to keep the Viking lander on Mars operating despite NASA budget cuts.
In Search Of Creativity grew out of my concern that NASA was dying from lack of visionary thinking, that there weren't enough bright, shining, young engineers (like me) in positions able to shape future programs and set creative, imaginative, challenging goals. Guess what - twenty years on it's still the same ...  
Cupido is a Norwegian erotic fiction/fact/photography gorgeously produced monthly. I spent many weeks in Oslo on rocket science/satellite business and discovered the magazine. I met the publisher over lunch at the Grand Cafe where Ibsen sat and Munch brooded. Nine-to-Five resulted.
Nine-to_Five is a story of workplace sex and devotion in the fashion industry. The pictures accompanying the article are pretty hot, but the text is all in Norwegian, so if you're not versed in the language don't worry - I've included the English text as well.
Future Life was a popular magazine about - well - what life would be like in the future. As a student I looked for every way to help us "remember the future," and that included writing to popularize the amazing projects I was being exposed to which NASA seemed at a loss to glamorize.
As an Astronautics student at Stanford University I became involved in many of the early space power/settlement studies conducted at NASA Ames Research Center. Solares was a novel concept using orbiting mirrors to beam sunlight down to solar farms. It was a very "cool," environmentally friendly way to boost the efficiency of solar energy, but it never emerged from the study phase thanks to much energy inertia in this country's political establishment.
Space Age Review was a sometimes monthly news magazine reporting on space happenings. While an Astronautics student at Stanford I worked as the editor writing some twenty feature articles and producing ten magazines before graduation took me out into the space industry, rather than writing and dreaming about it. While a professional engineer, I still consulted on the magazine, passing on an insider's perspective.
As editor of Space Age Review I covered all aspects of the past, present and future space program including articles about searching for extraterrestrial life, exploring Mars, international cooperation, space benefits, space tourism, and the selling of space. Here's a selection of my favorites, including the letter I wrote to subscribers when I left the magazine for the aerospace industry. It reveals my starry-eyed enthusiasm and optimism that decades of fighting the bureaucracy hasn't dulled, just honed.
"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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