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Naughty Message
Stan's new book about phone sex released
Fans Talked Dirty Won Big at Hustler Hollywood

Naughty Schoolboy Stan spanked
on the Dr. Susan Block Show
Under Stan's old penname of Stanley Carten, Blue Moon has released Naughty Message and there are plans for two more books in the series describing the phone sex exploits of Wesley Arthur and Sophie Taylor. A release party was held June 23rd at Hustler Hollywood where the audience read parts of the books, and the best female and male reads won recording contracts to star in the Naughty Message audio book version which Stan is producing. There were runner-up prizes of leopard print, pink fuzzy fake fur and Slinky Kinky phones as well as the usual cool Hustler merchandise. An aftershow party featured many more naughty messages being exchanged. Email Stan if you'd like a review copy. Cyn spanks Stan's bum red - phot from Dr. Susan Block show
Naughty schoolboy Stan and his girlfriend, muse and naughty schoolgirl Cyn were invited to appear on the Dr. Susan Block Show to celebrate the summer solstice with a reading from Caning Able - Stan's modern-day, tongue-in-cheek version of those classic Victorian disciplinarian erotica tomes. The Dr. Susan Block Show is web and cable cast to a wide audience who were treated to Stan living the words he wrote in Caning Able where the women are definitely not the weaker sex and in the end get the upper hand. Sitting with schoolgirl Cyn and Dr. Suzy on her interview bed Stan read a hot section from Caning Able but when he stumbled over his words Dr. Suzy suggested he be punished. Stan quickly agreed, assuming the position, continuing reading while Cyn spanked his bare bum with the studio audience and Dr. Susan Block cheering her on.
It was definitely not your average kind of mall bookstore reading. Every time Stan made a verbal miscue Cyn punished the author, proving she's the best kind of editrix that a porn-with-a plot writer could wish for.
Naughty Message is about the consequences of a wrong number phone sex call. Sophie Taylor - phone sex artiste extraordinaire mistakenly leaves a very steamy phone sex message on shy computer nerd Wesley Arthur's answering machine. Wesley uses his rocket science smarts to track down Sophie and a hot phone sex relationship ensues. The book is full of phone sex samples - many of which were inspired by real calls that Stan conducted while writing the book. The second and third books tell the tale of what happens when Wesley meets Sophie, and they decide to create the ultimate phone sex service. For a sample of the hot stuff in Naughty Message click here to read why Wesley was so entranced by Sophie...
Naughty schoolgril Cyn and Evie the snake - photo by Stan

Cyn administered the paddle with wicked authority making sure there were no dangling participles in Stan's prose, punctuating his errors with a loud, sharp crack on the bum. Satisfied she'd put the errant erotica author in his place, Cyn relaxed with Dr. Suzy's corn snake, Evie. The evening was such a spanking success that a return visit is being planned for when Lucretia hits the streets. It'll be a night of foot fetish delight and shoe worship not to be missed. What will Cyn wear? What will Stan wear? What will be Stan's punishment if he makes a mistake in his reading?

If you'd like to read the hot section of Caning Able that Stan was spanked for making mistakes in his oratory then go to the Read Stan's Books wall and follow the link to the Caning Able Good Bits wall or simply spank these words - STAN'S BUM

Stay tuned to Dr. Susan Block and check back here for news of Stan's next appearance at Dr. Suzy's speakeasy.

Lucretia: Baddy Two Shoes
Stan and Dr. Suzy - photo by Cyn

Cyn and Caning Able - photo by Stan

Lucretia: Baddy Two Shoes is the fourth and possibly final book in the Shoe Leather series which tells the tales and walks the walk of Violetta Valery Cutrero - a young woman with the power in her feet to experience the sex people had in shoes simply by donning the fucked-in footware. From titillation to terror, Violetta uses her power to become the serial killer of serial killers, an Avenging Angel Sex Goddess, using her supernaturally sensitive feet to relive sex crimes to track down and administer her own brand of vigilante justice. This responsibility comes at a price - no matter how Violetta tries to live a normal life she realizes that the feet cannot be denied. In Lucretia she faces her destiny and her ultimate fate fighting the most famous serial killer of all time. Click on the cover for a sneak preview and to order your copy.

A reading, signing, foot massages, foot slaves controlled by Mistress Isabella Sinclaire and footsucker candy giveaways by Hustler girls happened at Hustler Hollywood on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 with an aftershow party to held a very appropriate Hollywood bar. If you'd like more info on this hot night of Shoes and Sex, or a review copy of Lucretia if you're in the media, or would like to purchase the film rights then go to the Contact Stan wall or just email Stan at
"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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