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One Step Beyond was a nightclub located in Santa Clara in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco from 1985 - 1990. Stan was the inspiration, majority owner, general manager, DJ, booking agent and chief toilet unblocker. He has boxes of rare alternative rock and roll, dance, culture and fashion memorabilia that will get posted one of these days, and many memories and stories that will probably be best to remain in his head. For now here's an article, a few pics and some testimonials from those that made OSB their home .

Here's an email from someone who had many memorable nights at OSB - and it includes a link to a site with pics of some of the regulars ... I promise I'll get around to scanning in mine soon...
Subject: Hey Stan I used to party at OSB!!!
...and, there was a young lady named Anna Marie Wilson who was an OSB fanatic! I fumbled upon her pics site while surfing the web, and likewise yours (I practically GREW UP in OSB!!! I'm just 30!!! :) ...) so here's the site: (btw I'm NOWHERE on the site :( ) nevertheless if you actually were there once in awhile, then maybe you recognize some of these ppl (I sure do!!!) ...thanks for the memories,

OSB hosted some great bands and became home away from home for visiting musicians. After doing a promotional visit for "A Good Heart," Feargal Sharkey and Stan became good friends and shared many memorable moments including a wild, drunken night in a limo.
OSB featured the good, alternative music of the 80's - bands played to enthusiastic, young crowds who didn't have to drive to San Francisco to catch a great show. OSB also treated the bands well, often taking them out for dinner rather than making them eat club food - it was a great opportunity to forge lasting friendships. Here you see Stan backstage with (clockwise) Sparks, Wang Chung and Gene Loves Jezebel.
Hey Ho! Lets Go!

photo of Ramones by Craig Scoffone

The Ramones were practically the OSB house band, playing there two and sometimes three nights in a a row - always selling out. They were amusing and awesome to deal with - it was like being a part of a very different, dysfunctional family who you could tell really did love each other despite the grumbles - with Monte - the long-suffering road manager holding it all together. We enjoyed some amazing curry meals and some even more amazing shows. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky - when they took the stage all the differences disappeared and a wall of music punctuated by Dee Dee's "One-two-three-four"s swept all aside. The building shook and the walls sweated an no one's feet remained on the ground for longer than it took to pogo off it. The Ramones were great to their fans too - hosting a barbecue with the Ramones backstage for one show and offering to donate all the proceeds from one of their shows to the local Humane Society shelter - which was just down the street from the club - this was at the time that Pet Cemetary was big - but the Humane Society's management didn't think it an appropriate tie-in so they refused the Ramones generosity. It really pissed me off, that a charity could be so blind, but the Ramones did their part - as they always did - and now whenever I get a request from the Humane Society for a donation I give my money to other animal charities that aren't such stuck-up pinheads - gabba-gabba-hey.

That we've lost Joey and Dee Dee is sad, and even though OSB has gone, turned into an electric parts supply warehouse, no amount of remodelling can hide the sound that is indelibly marked on those walls. I bet every so often someone in that warehouse hears a "Hey Ho - Let's Go," and can't help pogoing around as they look for a spare part.

The awesome photo of the Ramones from the sweat-soaked interior of OSB is by Craig Scoffone who hung out at the club a lot and shot some amazing pix. He's still at it today and you can check out his work at He shoots some pretty good figure shots and has a fascination for boobs. I'm more of a leg, ankles and butt man myself, but Craig's work does make you appreciate the bosom. Speaking of boobs, here's a shot of me he did when I was DJing one night. It captures the atmosphere of the times (and the lighting) very well. Stan DJing at OSB by Craig Scoffone

One Step Beyond was a weekend dance club that hosted live bands and special theme events like Monday Night Fashion and $2 Tuesdays during the week. See the galleries below (to be added) for details of the madness that was ... One Step Beyond ...
"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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