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This wall is where you can post comments ... send your praise, vitriol or just plain sarcasm and fun to Stan ...

Here's one from A. Footfreak otherwise known as Jason with his reactions to Violetta. Jason got his wish - I took his suggestion for more foot scenes and the results are in Lucretia.
Mr. Kent:
What a fascinating read! Erotica's not normally my thing, but your "porn with a plot" kept me engaged in more ways than one. I would like to have seen more detailed foot scenes, though. I think "the feet cannot be denied" is a euphemism for the undeniable power an alluring pair of female feet have over those of us blessed/cursed with a foot fetish. I'm going to highly recommend your work (_Violetta_'s the only one I've read so far) on foot fetish boards.
Christ, I cannot WAIT for the movies!! Are you looking for any blonde male actors in mid-20's? (I'll take a role for free!). The literary and historical references made it even more interesting. Shelley & Keats are geniuses (especially Keats), and the scene in Keats' home was way cool. Oh, and I understand that "Caligula" means "little boots," and that he received this nickname during childhood at his foster home. If that's true, maybe his penchant for shoesex is rooted in youth.
Keep it "up!"
A. Footfreak

Here's a howler from G-dog in Canada ... I couldn't stop laughing - this wanna-be bloke has a utterly bastard groovy sense of humor - and I could tell he really wasn't English and was taking the piss - but the funny thing was - growing up in England I knew people who talked like this ... and even now in certain macho-macho-macho parts of California I get called "fag" - and I'm the one with the gorgeous woman on my arm and they're the three lonesome dorks hanging around with their male buddies unable to attract the opposite sex ... hmmmm ... go figure ... but I go on too much - this is - after all - YOUR FOOKIN' WALL ...
Subject: Oi
I love shoes too mate but ya look like a fookin' poofter. Are ya part fookin nancy boy? Gotta admit though you'r woman is hot! Yer living the dream...I gotta respect that

And here's posting from a woman north of the border that makes all those hard hours at the computer typing away my porn-with-a-plot worth every moment ...
OH... I used a paragraph out of the book.."one night stands" to seduce a man I was dating...he lives in SF and was almost on the next plane!!!!

This high praise I received from a dedicated reader - "Tom the Wonder-Licker" after he'd just finished Lucretia.
You are one sick fuck.

"Dressing well and looking good are essential. A meaning in life is not." . . . Oscar Wilde

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