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Naughty Bits and Bites Nights
at the

Hustler Hollywood
8920 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California

Hosted by Stan Kent with great support from Theresa Flynt-Gaerke and the entire Hustler Hollywood staff including General Manager Chris and book buyer Sydney.

A Brief History ...

It all began on April 26 2000 with me reading excerpts from my then new book, the second installment in the Shoe Leather series, Shoes Your Weapon. It evolved from that into a live talk show format with me performing the role, as Scott Timberg of the Los Angeles Times described as, "combination moderator and lion-tamer." We're now in our fifth year and going strong and hard and throbbing just for you. If you're interested in being a guest at Hustler Hollywood's Naughty Bits and Bites Nights email Stan. These adults only events are free, and there's free parking in the rear ... of the store.

Check out the Hustler Hollywood Valentine's Day advertisement and special events... even though the night has passed - the uncensored poster is well worth keeping

Welcome to the 2004 Season - click on the poster or photo to take you to the rogue's gallery of images from the evening
  August 25, 8pm - The Art of Exotic Dancing - exotic dance instructor Kylie shows us how to dance sexy and strip. This is a class for everyone - male, female - regardless of size, shape or sexual preference. Kylie will teach you the secrets to using exotic dance as foreplay or just simple exercise. At the end of the class there will be a contest with valuable Hustler prizes for dancers who strut their stuff in front of the audience and the celebrity judge panel. There's just one ground rule - no nudity - but stripping down to bathing suits or lingerie is fine. Or not stripping at all. The key thing here is to demonstrate the ART of exotic dancing - so use your imagination and moves to make us use our imaginations... You can get a sneak preview of Kylie at - She offers great classes that cover everything from what clothes to wear and where to get them, shoes, pole work, and making a video record of your performance for that someone special.

The theme song for the evening is a brand new track about female empowerment from the legendary Sigue Sigue Sputnik courtesy of guitar maestro Neal X. Called "Pussywhipper" - it's the first time this song will be heard in public. The lyrics are awesome and it's a perfect sexy grind number to exotic dance to ... more ...

  June 23, 8pm - A Naughty Night of Phone Sex with me and my new book, Naughty Message. It's a night where you can learn to talk dirty from phone sex professionals and win big as we give away phones and a recording contract for the best female and male phone sex voices to record the audio book version of Naughty Message. It's the story of Wesley Arthur, a withdrawn computer engineer who finds little excitement in his day-to-day life. That is until the day he comes home from work to discover a lascivious message on his answering machine. Aroused beyond his wildest dreams by the unmentionable acts described, Wesley becomes obsessed with tracking down the woman behind the seductive and mysterious voice. His search takes him through phone sex services, strip clubs and no-tell motels - and finally to his randy reward - where he meets the voice behind the phone sex - Sophie Taylor ... more ...
  May 19, 8pm - Porn Screenwriting 101 with Darklady. Many people think they can do a better job of writing porn than the stuff they see. This evening, with the writer of Sin City's Unforgettable with Shay will teach you how to write a porn screenplay, how to market it, what the porn marketplace is like and how to make a successful pitch once you get your "foot" in the door. So get your creative juices flowing and come up with those pitches because in addition to our regular Hustler prizes we've got an awesome Grand Prize - a copy of Final Draft, the #1 selling scriptwriting software - a $289 value - to help you turn your idea into a professional screenplay you can go out and sell courtesy of the folks at Final Draft ... more ...

Wednesday April 21, 8pm - Cook Your Way Into Her Pants with Chef Ted Taylor. That's the provocative title of Chef Ted's hilarious, sexy and very useful book, and he'll be dishing out a night of food, fun and how the two can lead to sex. Chef Ted's book is selling like hot cakes as guys realize that the way to a woman's bed is through her stomach, and these recipes are bi-sexual - a woman can use them to bed the man or woman of her dreams. It's all about realizing
that anyone can cook sexy, wonderful meals without being a master chef or millionaire. It's about putting romance on the table, and Chef Ted will show us some examples including his famous Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. ... more ...
Wednesday March 24, 8pm - This Week I Married John Wayne Bobbitt by Dottie Brewer. It's the inspirational tell-all story of Dottie Brewer who ran into the surgically reattached Mr. Bobbitt and his penis at a convention in Las Vegas and after a whirlwind courtship they married, only to have her heart broken while discovering all the reasons why he had it chopped off in the first place. Dottie's book, This Week I Married John Wayne Bobbitt, reveals JWB's issue with intimacy, his "sleep sex" problem which probably lead Lorena to do what she did, and the tricks he needed to do to get his bionic penis capable of performing. It's a fascinating tale that goes beyond lurid details to describe a woman's journey through the bizarre to an extraordinary, rewarding life. For
those of you that think you'll never get out of your dead-end situation, Dottie's inspirational story is not to be missed. ... more ...

"Life is full of mistakes - go out there and make them." Dottie Brewer


Wednesday February 25, 8pm - The Trigasm with Dr. Ava Cadell - a special post Valentine's Night and Day event. After your Valentine's adventures many of you will have questions as to how best to please, or how best to ask to be pleased. Many of you will want to make love like a porn star. Many of you will want more than an orgasm - you'll want a Trigasm! Many of you will wish you had the world's greatest sexpert to guide you through your sexplorations. Wish no more ... Dr. Ava Cadell ( will join me in the Hustler Hollywood cafe to answer any and all of your sex and love questions. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy free, uncensored advice from one of the world's most sought after sex and love advisors. Dr. Ava will discuss her various projects and products including the "Can you be a porn star" reality show and her revolutionary new sex toy, the Trigasm. ... more ...

  Wednesday January 21, 8pm - Erotic Taveltales, Erotic Fairytales and kinky sex tales with author Mitzi Szereto. A romp through the classics with a prolific author who has worked hard to put class back in erotic writing. Mitzi will read some of her work, answer questions about writing erotica and talk about her erotic writing workshops in Greece. Talk about erotic traveltales ... this is your chance to pick up a personalized copy of one or more of Mitzi's books - they make great bedtime reading for Valentine's Day and Night ... more ...


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